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If you enjoy Mat Pilates or are interested in starting the practice of Pilates, our Reformer Studio will give you the perfect exercise setting.
  • Sabrina Morici

A Peek Into the Pilates Reformer Studio

From Sabrina and Jen at the Fitness Incentive Reformer Studio:

Sabrina: Pilates can align, strengthen and stretch your entire body. If you enjoy Mat Pilates or are interested in starting the practice of Pilates, our Reformer Studio will give you the perfect exercise setting. The Pilates Reformer, invented by Joseph Pilates, uses resistance and body weight to move through various exercises. The resistance springs offer different weight loads to accommodate any student. All movements are performed while actively aligning the spine and muscles of the Powerhouse*. This method develops a memory within the body to stay aligned and active throughout the rest of your day.

Joseph Pilates also believed in the balance between Body, Mind, and Spirit. Each exercise requires mindfulness to be executed correctly. You will learn to activate or relax specific muscle groups in each exercise. As this awareness grows, so will your mind-body connection. The mind-body connection strengthens the mindfulness of your posture and alignment even when not in the studio. As a yoga instructor, I believe as strongly in the importance of mental wellness as I do physical fitness. Pilates will do wonders for the physical body but can also provide benefits like stress relief, anxiety relief, enhanced concentration, and much more. 

Jen: I often get asked the question, what is Pilates? The answer – it’s whatever you need it to be. Okay, so maybe that’s a bit vague. Pilates can look like yoga, physical therapy exercises, and other familiar exercises you might do in group fitness or personal training. It can be small, simple, isolated movement or full-body movement; gentle or vigorous; sports cross-training or post-rehab exercise; prenatal and postpartum fitness; suitable for almost anyone, and anything but one size fits all. What’s even better is that once the Pilates Method starts to become second nature, you can apply it to anything you do, from washing dishes to walking your dog; from Crossfit to cross-country running; from the most mundane household tasks to the hardest workout of your life and everything in between.

I am also often asked, what are the benefits of the Pilates machines, and are the machines better than mat Pilates? For me, I love both the machine and mat exercises equally. The pros of the mat exercises are that you can do them almost anywhere; they can be modified with props and flow gracefully from one to the next. The pros of the machines are that the amount they help or challenge you can be tweaked to perfection through Joseph Pilates’ spring and pulley systems, making them accessible to all ages and physical abilities. 

Watch the video to see the Reformer and Tower of Power in action! 

(See the description below of each exercise these ladies demonstrate.)

Sabrina is having a ton of fun jumping on the Reformer Jumpboard. This is a great way to practice jumping technique, perfect fancy footwork for dancers, and enjoy jumping again for those who struggle to jump or usually avoid jumping.

Jen is squatting with ease on the Tower of Power Push Thru Bar. For those who struggle or have pain with regular squats, these feel great on the knees and back! They also stabilize the shoulders and work the abs.

Next, Jen is stretching out with Seated Cat. Besides stretching out the back, shoulders, and legs, it’s also a great ab and arm workout.

Jen’s favorite exercise is next – Circular Saw. Watch how it starts with the Classical Mat exercise Saw and then continues with a dance-like circular movement, much like circular port de bras in ballet. Saw + Circle = Awesome Stretch!

Sabrina finishes with Elephant and a graceful elephant at that! This version of yoga’s Downward Dog and ballet’s arabesque is a whole-body workout.

Want to learn more? 

Contact FI’s front desk staff for info on Pilates group classes and Reformer/Tower of Power personal training and small group classes offered in FI’s very own Pilates Reformer Studio. 

*Your’ Powerhouse,’ a term created by Joseph Pilates. It refers to the center of the body, which, when strengthened, establishes the foundation for all movement (your core). 

About the Authors

Sabrina Morici

Sabrina Morici is a certified yoga and Pilates instructor at Fitness Incentive. She is also available for private and small group Pilates Reformer training.


Jen DeVane-Mulhern is a certified Pilates instructor at Fitness Incentive. Her primary focus is private and small group Pilates Reformer training.

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