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This may all sound far-fetched or idealized, but I am taking steps every day to make this dream a reality.
  • Corinne Brown

To 100 and Beyond!

I’m excited about recent scientific studies showing that it may be possible and may become common for people to live to 100 or 110 or even 120. But the key question, of course, is with what quality of life? Most would gladly accept the additional years, providing they can live them in good health and with vitality. This focus on not merely living longer but living stronger is an evolving concept called “Healthspan,” and as you may have guessed, I am deeply interested in it. 

When I think about an extended Healthspan, I think about everything connected to my life that would make those years worth living. So let’s first start with having all my family members and friends there with me, healthy and still strong enough to share in my very long healthy life.

Those of you who know me understand my desire to continue teaching vigorous classes for as long as possible. Still teaching at 90? That would be incredible! And, of course, I want to maintain a sound, sharp mind to go along with my healthy body – no signs of slowing down or giving up what I love! I want to keep jumping around with my granddaughter, as well as my future grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and maybe even great-great-grandchildren. I want to be around to see all of my family age but never get old – to remain vibrant, youthful in spirit, and fully engaged. 

Make the Dream a Reality

This may all sound far-fetched or idealized, but I am taking steps every day to make this dream a reality. I have long been focused on continually educating myself and adapting, including my diet, exercise regimen, and supplementation, to optimize my performance and health. Over the past few months, I have focused intently on learning about the evolving science of anti-aging and longevity. There’s a tremendous amount of information available on this subject, and it’s right there, mostly for free, on the internet. YouTube, podcasts, blogs – you name it – featuring longevity researchers, doctors, nutritionists, and others sharing their findings and recommendations – the amount of information is staggering! They can help you find the solutions to any number of aging problems, from overcoming metabolic syndrome, what and how often to eat, the best supplements for longevity, and how to avoid or correct many age-related health issues. 

Take Charge of Your Health!

The key takeaway from almost all of this material is that you can make tremendous changes in your health and greatly increase your healthspan by making basic changes in your diet, exercise, and lifestyle. Instead of looking for “silver bullets” in the form of medications, you can correct naturally by eating clean, intermittent fasting, regular exercise, getting enough sleep, and targeted supplementation. And let’s not forget the fundamental behaviors that connect us with each other and make us happy. Especially after two years of pandemic-inspired restrictions, the importance of simple things like cooking family meals, actually having conversations with family and friends, getting outside to walk or cycle, stretching, and having hobbies that you share with others can’t be overstated. The common concepts that connect these themes are to take charge of your life, take responsibility for your health, stay active in all phases of life, and avoid becoming sedentary. I’m not saying that any one of these in and of itself is guaranteed to make you live longer and healthier but taken together, they’ll make a huge difference for anyone looking to improve their quality of life.

How to Get Started

I follow some brilliant Doctors and researchers on YouTube, which I am listing below. The amount of information these people share is truly incredible. Taking charge and learning on your own is what I suggest. Remember, the science of this subject is constantly expanding and evolving, so instead of listening to any one person, tap into a variety of sources and always do your own research!

Cor’s Favorite Sources

Dr. Pradip Jamnadas, a cardiologist and Medical Director of Cardiovascular Interventions in Florida.

Dr. Jason Fung, a Nephrologist and Author of the Obesity Code, and several other publications, including books on fasting.

Dr. Sten Ekberg, Holistic Doctor, and Olympic Decathlon Athlete.

Dr. Ragan Chatterjee, who wrote The 4 Pillar Plan.” He also has a TV Show in the UK called “Doctor In The House.”

Mike Mutzel at High-Intensity Health has an MS in Human Nutrition and is very well-versed in diet and health issues. 

Dr. Brad Stanfield, a General Practitioner. He also has an Amazon page that includes his supplement stack. He focuses on evaluating the studies that support – or not – various longevity protocols and is a reliable voice that isn’t afraid to be contrarian. 

Dr. Andrew Huberman, a Scientist who has written many books on several topics in the health field.

Dr. David Sinclair on anti-aging and longevity and Author of “Lifespan,” why we age and why we don’t have to. One of the leading voices in the field, he inspired many to become interested in longevity science.  

Dr. John Campbell, a teacher of bioscience in nurse education. He is especially focused on Covid 19 research and willing to honestly follow the science wherever it takes him. 

All are amazing, and you can learn a lot from each of them. Pick the ones that appeal to you and subscribe to their channel, and hit the little notification bell so you get notified when they post new videos. 

This field is moving quickly, and things do change, but it’s never too late to learn.

I would love to hear how you envision yourself at these older ages, and in the next newsletter, I would love to share some of your thoughts.

Please email me at to share your thoughts on longevity and increasing your healthspan.

Love, Cor 

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Corinne Brown

Corinne Brown is a fitness professional with over 40 years of experience. She is the Founder and Owner of Fitness Incentive.

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