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“I swear it’s cleaner than my own home!!!”

It’s Beautiful to Be Back!

It has been just about a month since gyms were allowed to re-open in New York. We are so happy to be back in action! It has been so wonderful to see so many familiar faces (well, at least EYES!) coming back every day to take Yoga and Pilates classes – both indoors and out!

I was so excited today as I watched people going into the yoga room for Donna’s 10:45 Core Balance class today that I had to pop in, say hello and see how everyone is enjoying being back in action. Core Balance is a class that incorporates Pilates and yoga principles, strengthening and stretching the entire body, using props such as chairs, rings, balls, and light weights! If you haven’t tried it yet, you really should!!! It’s a great class!  

Anyway, the people in today’s class are just sooooo happy that we have been able to re-open and to be able to return to Yoga and Pilates classes!  

The yoga room is as lovely and cozy as ever, with social distance spacing set up. I spoke with the ladies as they were setting up to ask how their experience has been so far with the “new normal’ (TEMPORARY “new normal”) protocols in place!  

I did a little Group Q & A I would like to share here, especially for those of you who may be on the fence about returning to the gym for classes at this time: 

Q: How is it being back at the gym?

A: “It is soooo wonderful,” “I LOVE IT” “Fabulous!” “Feels like coming home.”

Q: How has it been taking a class with a mask on?

A:   “It’s really, totally fine; I actually forget it’s there.” “It was a little awkward at first, but it really is fine!”. “I don’t like wearing a mask at any time, but I NEED to be here and it’s really ok!”

Q: Have you been coming back since we re-opened?

A: Everyone: “YES! I missed the classes so so much!” “It feels so NORMAL!” “It’s almost totally normal.” “I couldn’t wait to get back! “I was getting depressed, not being able to be here!”

Q: What would you say to anyone who may have some trepidation about Coming back?

A: “I swear it’s cleaner than my own home!!!”  “It’s sooooooooo clean!” “I feel so so safe here!” “This is the cleanest place ever!” “If you can go to the supermarket, you can certainly come here!” “Come back!” “They have no idea what they are missing!”

It’s Time

So for those of you reading this, who may be on the fence about returning to the gym, I hope this helps give you a little insight into what your fellow members are experiencing! We are coming back stronger and better than ever and, if possible, “cleaner”!

No better way to relieve stress and tension in your body than some Yoga or Pilates!  

Check out the schedule and book your class today!   

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!

Hope to see you soon!!!  

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Dina Voigt is the Manager of Fitness Incentives Pilates and Yoga programs.  She is a PMA-certified Pilates trainer, a certified Yoga instructor, a Personal Trainer, Group exercise instructor, and Cycle instructor.

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