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It’s like a wave that washes over the room and that energy propels you to push yourself just a little bit further than you did last time.
  • Grace McHugh

There’s a Class for That…

The Fitness Incentive has always been proud of its expansive class schedule. There are all types of classes at various times of the day giving our members so many choices. The classes are also a social space where people come together with others who have similar interests and goals, namely to get and stay healthy in mind and body.  With the digital age firmly upon us, there are many ways that you can get your exercise in; you can use your phone, TV, tablet or computer. With all these options, why would you need to go to a gym if you could work out at home?

The Higher Ground

Because nothing can replace that exercise “high” in a class setting. You and your comrades sweating together, pushing one another to complete the last few squats, curls or lunges. Being in a social and supportive setting while exercising can help people dig deeper and get greater benefits from their exercise. Research shows working in a group setting can lower stress levels and lead to a better quality of life. Looking around at others pushing themselves is a visual you can’t shut off, it’s in your face. Competitive instinct drives you to do more, work harder than you would alone. Working out in a class also gives you the “bounce” effect. Some people in the class are ready to kill it but maybe that day you are tired. In a class setting the energy bounces around the room driving everyone to do their best and work their hardest.

You Are Not Alone

Lead researcher Dayna Yorks says, “The communal benefits of coming together with friends, and doing something difficult, while encouraging one another, pays dividends beyond exercising alone.” The relationships that develop over time make people more accountable in their weekly exercise routines. You often see many of the same people in the classes always offering each other kind words of encouragement. Praising you when you show up and questioning you when you don’t!

Each class is an experience that digs deep into your emotions, “letting your life out”. Getting rid of the negative energy from all that life brings our way. You should always leave a class feeling better than when you walked in, stronger, clearer and looking forward to the next one.

Some Fitness Incentive members wanted to share their thoughts about why they love their classes.

Taking classes at Fitness Incentive highly motivates and pushes me to be better each and every class. The group environment pushes me to new limits and the personal interaction with the instructors is very helpful. The highly knowledgeable instructors critique and guide our workouts to improve our form and reach our highest potential.

~Kelsey Ohman

I prefer working out with a group because of the positive energy that is generated! It’s like a wave that washes over the room and that energy propels you to push yourself just a little bit further than you did last time. And in doing so, you have a chance to get stronger every time. Everyone wins!

~Grace McHugh

I think that exercise in a real class rather than a virtual one is much more beneficial. Unless you’re using a large screen device, it is hard to pick up on the full body movements of the instructor. It is also impossible to ask questions of the instructor, which can lead to injury. Also, we rely on the instructor’s nonverbal cues to follow along very often and don’t realize how much so until we are squinting into a smartphone or iPad. Then there is the question of what to do if you’re injured or suffer a medical episode at home alone. When you’re at the gym you’re visually monitored. Finally, there is the element of “team spirit” at the gym. Group motivation at the gym functions the same way as in the classroom. We pull energy from each other.

~Monica Proto

Working out in a group sets a better tone for your workout. There are times when I can’t make it to the gym, so I search you-tube for workouts or download a fitness-app. But, being at home, I easily become distracted and don’t push myself as I would when I take a class at the gym. I feel like I didn’t work out at all! I’d much rather be at the gym taking a class because it helps me stay focused, motivates me, and the energy from other people pushes me to work harder!

~Maria Sideras

I always choose working out at Fitness Incentive rather than any at home workouts or web-based exercise. There is something about the energy in the classes here that make for an overall great experience. The music and energy in the classes gives you the extra push to work harder and go beyond the limits you normally would not reach if you were home!

~Enza Crispo

The alarm goes off and you jump to the floor with minutes to spare. A red light gets your heart racing fearing you will miss it. You coordinate your plans around it and look forward to it while you are on vacation…Fitness Incentive. You’re excited to be a part of classes where instructors move you and push you to a level you never knew existed! Most of all you crave the energy that bounces from person to person each and every time, inspiring you. Our “vibes” are contagious, we all bring something to the floor at Fitness Incentive. Sometimes that one member may need a little more and our members are there to give it! Each of us leaves the class feeling better than when we walked in. Some may argue that it is the instruction, music or the routine but it’s YOU, the positive, undeniable burst of energy we make TOGETHER. Remember when you walk on the floor of the Fitness Incentive you set the tone for your day and maybe someone else’s.

~Erin Mascaro

Come join us! Be a part of this amazing REAL fitness experience, every day, right here at Fitness Incentive.

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Kelly Wallace

Kelly Wallace is a certified Group Exercise Instructor and Personal Trainer at Fitness Incentive

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