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“We can split ribs!”
“One margarita, half the ribs!”
“No chips.”
:::sad silence:::

“I’m Fat.”
“I’m Fat, Too!”

Have you had some version of this phone conversation with your friends?

“So what do you want to do; do you want to eat out?”
“I’m fat.”
“I’m fat, too.”
“We can be good. How about Japanese?”
“I’m sick of Japanese, but I do love sake.”
“OMG that new Mexican place opened!”

::: revelatory silence on both ends:::

“We can try to be good at Mexican; there must be a grilled something.”
“I’m checking the menu. Please hold.”

:::investigative silence ensues:::

“I don’t see any grilled, but they make a spicy mango margarita. And it is very hot out today.”

The conversation has made the shift from simply food to possible dehydration prevention.

“Wow, it is hot out today, and mango is fruit. FRUIT.”

Now it’s veered into, “We all need more fruit in our diets” territory.

“I think we can go and have one drink and then something without cheese.”
“And no ribs.”
“Ribs are for men. We can have chicken.”
“We can split an entree!”

The “splitting an entree” option is presented like it’s a newly minted concept.

“We can split ribs!”
“One margarita, half the ribs!”
“No chips.”

:::sad silence:::

“No chips. Which means no guacamole.”
“I can live with that.”
“Me, too.”

But we don’t mean it. Avocado is a fruit, like mango, but also has healthy fats.

“We can do guacamole next time.”

We hang our hats on the notion of future happiness.

“Do you think they have Tres Leche cake?”
“We can’t even think about that. We’ll check when we get there.”

The Next Day.

“I’m fat.”
“I’m fat, too.”
“Wanna go to the gym?
“Yes. See you there at 6. Maybe guac after.”


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Christine Jelley

Christine Jelley, a longtime FI member, needs less food time and more gym time.

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