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“…please if you see me roaming around the gym like a zombie give me a good smack in the head.  Thanks in advance.

Andrea Kay

…and Surrender to It!

I’ve talked in the past about the importance of making time for the gym, and there was a vote (you voted, thank you), and it was decided that this is, of course, a great thing. But here you are (I see you) dreading the thought of going, and when you do drag yourself there, you walk around aimlessly floundering from one area to another like a child lost in the clothing racks of Macy’s.  Well, you’re not alone.   I’ve been there.  Like a lost puppy bumping into equipment completely unfocused.  Checking my phone every five seconds hoping someone sends a text with something… anything at all… that needs my immediate attention.  And then there are other times we’re there with a vengeance.  Getting it done.  Winning the workouts week after week.

Nobody wants to waste time.  We’ve already established that there is no time just sitting around to be wasted, but it still happens.  There are times we still get it all wrong at the gym.  So let’s work this out together and right this ship.

The problem

The main difference between getting it right and getting it wrong; having a clear intention and surrendering to it.  It’s like when you are sitting at home, and you just know you need to go food shopping, but you don’t really know what you need nor do you want to check. So you end up at Target (because they sell food now and you’ll figure it out when you get there) roaming the sale towels for an hour and leaving with a clock radio that was on clearance so it was basically free, and Pretzel Goldfish because that’s what they were selling at the register.  On paper, the math added up.  You knew you needed food and you went to a place that sold food.  Totally, exactly, nearly entirely like that with the gym.  You know you have to go, so you go, and you’re there, and you leave having done a total of three minutes of exercise.

The solution

When I am winning at the gym – going regularly and making good use of my time – it’s only because I’m going with a clear plan.  It doesn’t have to be a big plan or a lofty goal I’m working towards, but it’s clear and leaves no room for interpretation.   I’ve found I’m personally far more likely to stick to this plan if someone is there expecting me to show up, but that may just be me.  I’ll let myself down, but I’ll be damned if I’ll let anyone else down.

Ideally, if things are going sideways in a big way, signing up for personal training is ideal.  You literally just have to show up and surrender to your trainer’s will.   No other pre-work is needed.

If this isn’t a reality, pull up the Fitness Incentive app, grab a good old fashion pencil because who doesn’t love a pencil, and write down all the classes that work in terms of your schedule.  Yeah, call some friends (stop being a recluse) and see which ones work for them.  Circle the classes, take a picture of it with your phone and send it out there.  Process complete.  You know those are the classes, and all you need to do is go to them at that time and enjoy laughing with your friends. But for real, if you’re anything like me, I’m completely and utterly offended by burpees.   If I’m in class by myself and tell me to do burpees, I’m just as inclined to have a real life 2-year-old temper tantrum on the floor than do them. But if I’m with some friends, they are somehow the funniest things ever invented and like I can’t stop laughing, and I will do each and every one because they are so funny.

If neither of these options appeals to you, you probably have a good idea of what would, but it has to be clear.  M, W and F treadmill for 20 minutes and weights for 30 minutes or M and W elliptical for 40 minutes and T and F Yoga.  Clear and concise.  Don’t fall down that rabbit hole of committing to ‘three days a week’ because we can now all admit that we aren’t adult enough to execute successfully such a vague plan as ‘three days.’  If we could have, we would have.   Or, you know, just continue roaming around the gym like a zombie, and please if you see me roaming around the gym like a zombie give me a good smack in the head.  Thanks in advance.

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Andrea Kay

Andrea Kay

Andrea Kay is a longtime FI member, tri-Athlete, 50k runner and a regular contributor to Fit to Print.

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