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Fit to Print    .   Autumn 2018    .    Volume 27 Number 3

A Long Time Coming…

But Worth the Wait!

The New Locker Rooms

Every year Fitness Incentive makes a significant investment in upgrading our facility. Most years it’s equipment, but we also have made many upgrades to the physical plant as well. For example, in the past few years, we renovated the main Aerobic Room, the Spin Room, the Yoga Room (including the infrared heaters), the Queenax room, the Hair Salon, Bathroom and Massage rooms in Incentives, as well as the front desk in both spaces and the café counters. And that’s just the last few years. The one big project that we still had on our list was one we were loathed to tackle – the locker rooms!

Admittedly, the locker rooms were in need of an upgrade. We had been looking for an opportunity to do them since at least 2015. But the logistics – to say nothing of the costs – were daunting.  It required a complete gut job, which meant closing the locker rooms during the renovation and inconveniencing a large percentage of the membership for several weeks. It was a potential nightmare project, and every time we considered it, we found a good reason to put it off; until we could put it off no longer. Every time I walked into either locker room all of its faults were screaming for attention.  It had to be done. Period.

Before the Renovation. Just a tad dated…

Tried and True

We worked out an aggressive and exacting work schedule with our long-time collaborators at Applied Construction, Esposito Custom Tile, Old Stone Marble Works and C&D Glass. I can’t say enough about these folks. We’ve been working with all of them for many years – decades in fact – and they have always delivered for us. This would be the most challenging project in terms of scope and time frame since 2001 when we built the gym at 157 Deer Park Avenue with many of the same people.  We had to get it done quickly and beautifully with as little disruption as possible.


The project took several months of planning and design work. We targeted the work for what is traditionally the slowest period of the year for gym attendance – the last two weeks of August through the first two weeks of September –  with the goal of minimizing the impact on you. With a little luck and a lot of hard work, as well as some eleventh-hour,  getting’ it done painting (courtesy of Joe Skorubski), cleaning (thank you Irma!) and all-around handy work (Albert, as usual) we managed to get both rooms done on schedule.

Getting it done: Joe Skorubski, the Dennis, Luke and the Applied Construction crew, Michael Esposito and Irma Rojas

Not That It Was Stressful Or Anything…

Did I mention we were also planning our daughter’s wedding while this went on? Hey, what could go wrong?

In any case, we’re really pleased with the results and based on your feedback, you are as well. It was a complete makeover, from the lockers to the showers to the sinks to the stalls. The new locker rooms are modern, clean, bright and brand spanking new throughout, as the photos above and below attest.

Now, with the locker rooms looking like they should – like you deserve – we’ll start looking for our next big project. Because, you know, it never gets old at Fitness Incentive.

Thanks for your patience throughout the project and thank you for being part – the most important part –  of Fitness Incentive.

Demo Day!

In Other News…

Introducing Hydrafacial!

Kathy Roccogrande of Incentives Organic Spa & Salon has brought an exciting new service to the Spa – Hydrafacial, which despite its name is NOT a facial. At least not like any facial you’ve ever had. It’s our cover story this issue, and you can read more about it right here and here. To rollout Hydrafacial in style, Kathy is hosting a Hydrafacial event on October 4th from 8:30 – 10:30 am, which will include $50 Hydrafacial treatments (regularly $199!). You won’t want to miss it. You can sign up now in the Spa, or by calling 631-893-3490. Spots are VERY limited, so if you are interested sign up soon.

Happy Fall! Enjoy the new locker rooms!

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