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This is what Hollywood is using before award shows, what glowy brides and mothers of brides are using the day before the wedding – the secret is out.

Christine Jelley

Original art by Christine Jelley

I Thought HydraFacial Was Going to be Just a Bunch of Moisturizers…

 When I walked into Incentives and was introduced to Kathy Roccogrande, I should have known she was going to be doing my HydraFacial. Her face GLOWS. Not minorly, or from carefully placed luminizing powder, glow creams or other transient hacks, but from beautiful, clean skin. Does clean from the inside-out make sense? I immediately thought of a famous line from the movie, When Harry Met Sally, “I’ll have what she’s having.”

Kathy Roccogrande and the Hydrafacial machine

HydraFacial is far from being a standard facial, which don’t get me wrong, I love, but it’s accomplished using a machine that painlessly cleanses, tones and exfoliates the skin using gentle suction. The HydraFacial machine sits on its own rolling table, along with a fine hose and an assortment of sterile, disposable tips that clean your skin better than your grandmother after a family fight at Sunday dinner. All the extracted dirt, debris and sebum are then funneled into a water-filled, clear glass container and you know you HAVE to look.

After the cleanse, a peel customized for your skin’s concerns (anti-aging, acne, etc.) is applied. Its ability to penetrate is enhanced by the next-level cleanliness of your skin. There is a slight tingle, as with all peels. After the acids are gently removed, a new applicator tip is placed on the hose to perform extractions. The third phase infuses moisturizers, anti-aging serums, brighteners, antioxidants, and/or stem cells to lessen fine wrinkles, brown spots and uneven texture. What is ultimately applied to your skin will be determined after Kathy takes a look at your skin and formulates a treatment plan. It takes her less than a minute; she’s a nurse with a work history in cosmetic procedures, is certified by HydraFacial and all around knows her onions.

My goal is anti-aging, so a stronger peel was used than if I had gotten a Signature HydraFacial. This resulted in a bit of redness and a few days of mild dryness because more skin was being peeled. So I didn’t achieve the legendary “Go and Glow” until a few days after my facial. But the wait was worth it – truly radiant skin! And unlike other facials, the machine is also used on the lips to gently plump them. Who knew? This is what Hollywood is using before award shows, what glowy brides and mothers of brides are using the day before the wedding – the secret is out. Without the strongest peel, there is no redness or downtime, and it only takes between 30-45 minutes. Is it wrong to want my younger son to get engaged so I can have a HydraFacial the day before?

 I’ll definitely have another HydraFacial before the holidays roll in because every year my kids and I say we will take family pictures and we don’t bother. I have a grandson now and he’s not going to be fifteen months old without a picture with his grandmother (with a HydraFacial) this year. Everyone, except the baby, may find HydraFacial gift cards under the tree this year. And knowing millenials, one of them will take a picture of the extracted debris because you really HAVE to look.

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