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“I will attend a spin class because I LOVE doing it! I never feel like I HAVE to do spin. I think it’s an amazing way to get some cardio in. It is so much fun and the time flies.”

Kaity Reilly

Clockwise from top left: Mike Gluckman, Jill Gonzalez, Kaity Reilly, Shari Fanning, Kyle Mitchell and Alexis Schmohl

What Brings You Here?

Ten Questions…

To answer this question, I interviewed 6 FI members who cycle: a yoga fanatic, a young couple who just started cycling this year, a woman who has been cycling at FI for 20 years, an aerobics/step lover, and a young woman who has been cycling with her sister and mother for 12 years.

1. When did you take your first Indoor Cycling/Spin class?
Kaity Reilly: “The first spin class I’ve ever taken was at Fitness Incentive! It was 12 years ago.”
Mike Gluckman: “Took one class at a resort about 15 years ago. Made it half-way through and didn’t pick it up again until recently at FI.”
Shari Fanning: “I first took a spin class thirteen years ago.”
Alexis Schmohl and Kyle Mitchell: “We took our first indoor cycling class in January of this year at Soulcycle.”
Jill Gonzalez: “20 years ago when Fitness Incentive was located on Montauk Highway in Babylon.”

2. What motivated you to try Indoor Cycling?
Shari: “I was always somewhat of an aerobics room fanatic. When spin became popular, I would look at all the sweaty people coming out of the spin room looking very proud and accomplished. I also felt on some level, that I did not belong to the “spin,” group. I was, after all, an aerobics and step person. Eventually, the desire to try something new and add some variety to my workout triumphed, and I found myself on a spin bike.”
Alexis and Kyle: “We have heard a lot about the Spin/Cycle trend, and we figured we’d give it a try. Kyle and I are getting married later this year, so we thought it would be a great way for us to get in shape for the wedding. Little did we know, it would become a lifestyle for us.”

3. Do you go because you love doing it or because you feel like you have to?
Kaity: “I will attend a spin class because I LOVE doing it! I never feel like I HAVE to do spin. I think it’s an amazing way to get some cardio in. It is so much fun and the time flies.”

4. What is the biggest motivating factor during the class for you personally?
Mike: “During class, the combination of instructor cues and musical selection are key. When I talk about the day’s spin class, it is usually oriented toward the musical theme/selections. I can’t believe how much care and time some of the instructors put into preparing for each class.”

5. What do you like most about Indoor Cycling?
Jill: “There are many reasons why I love indoor cycling, but the most thing I love is that “feel good brain chemicals called endorphins ” flowing through my body.”

6. What do you find is your biggest struggle (if any) during the class?
Jill: “My biggest struggle is at the beginning of the class; waking up my blood flow. I roll out of bed and head into the 6 am class. (Well before a cup of coffee)”

7. Do you find that Indoor cycling has helped you in any way outside of the gym?
Kaity: “Indoor cycling has helped me with endurance! I’ve run three marathons and a bunch of half marathons, and the spin classes at Fitness Incentive really help with endurance and cross training.”

8. Other than Cycle, what is your favorite class or activity at the gym?
Alexis and Kyle: “We have two favorites – Strength Challenge and Ab Attack!”
Mike: “Although I have next to zero flexibility, Yoga without a doubt. Just like spin, the instructors are all awesome in their own ways, and there is no shortage and variety of classes.”

9. What is the single most important thing to bring into the Cycle room?
Mike: “To quote Cor Brown, “A good attitude,” but my water bottle and a towel are always with me.”
Shari: “Bring a positive attitude. Even when I feel tired or worn down, I always know I am going to come out of that spin room with so much energy and good vibes that will last the whole day.”

10. If you could give any advice to someone who is trying indoor cycling for the first time, what would it be?
Alexis and Kyle: “Keep an open mind, pace yourself, and most importantly, have fun!”

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Theresa Christensen

Theresa Christensen is a certified Cycling Instructor at Fitness Incentive.

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