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A Revolution in Immersive Exercise

Available On All Precor Ellipticals And Treadmills

Experience The Thrill Of Real Life

RunTV is the latest interactive feature to hit the Precor console screens. A revolution in immersive exercise, RunTV offers exercisers multiple channels, presenting inspiring human-powered short films, training tips, and expert coaching from fitness professionals, as well as stunning interactive trails. In short, RunTV has something for everyone.

From thrill-seeking extreme environments to challenging runs, rides and climbs in some of the world’s most iconic and stunning locations, all networked Precor cardio equipment will sync effortlessly with RunTV. Software-driven adjustments for resistance and incline mimic the real-life fitness experience possible in the chosen location, while actual video footage brings races and locations to life, giving exercisers added incentive and motivation to accomplish the terrain.

Refreshed monthly, RunTV will entertain and motivate exercisers with endless new ways to enjoy cardio workouts.

Run TV
RunTV features multiple channels that offer motivating, human-powered stories, training tips from fitness experts, and stunning interactive trails that sync with the cardio lover for challenging, interactive runs, rides, and climbs in some of the world’s most iconic locations.

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Touch the console screen to wake it up and you’ll see the Run TV logo. Touching Go takes you to the main Run TV menu. There you’ll see the six content categories: Interactive Runs, Expert Coaching, Documentaries, Features, Extreme, and Adventure.

Run TV

Interactive Runs: Immersive workouts during which your machine interacts with what you see on your screen.
Expert Coaching: A selection of guided and narrated exercise videos with notable hosts.

Glen Sutton
Documentaries and Features: Films on a broad range of informative and inspiring topics.
Extreme and Adventure: Follow guides and competitors through amazing spaces – including environments we don’t usually associate with running.

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