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I have learned over the years to avoid getting to the point where you are starving and want to binge eat. This is where the cafe’s grab-and-go snacks help so much!

 – Kristen Napolitano

Seasonal Holiday Protein Shakes!

Take It On the Run!

One thing we can all agree on is the holiday season is BUSY! Between shopping, parties, school events, and the mental capacity it all takes, we often feel lucky to even get to the gym. But Fitness Incentive is one of my favorite places during the holidays. Not only do I often find my mental clarity and the endorphins I need to conquer my holiday shopping and errands, but my favorite part is grabbing one of the grab-and-go snacks in the cafe.

I have learned over the years to avoid getting to the point where you are starving and want to binge eat. This is where the cafe’s grab-and-go snacks help so much! Before I leave the gym and try to conquer my day, I find grabbing a quick snack helps curb my hunger, makes me more productive, and I am less likely to binge on pretzels at the mall ( kidding… kinda.) 

Here is a list of my favorites in no particular order:

A protein shake– I love to pre-order my protein shake before class so that it is ready to go when I am. We have asked all our trainers to share their favorite shake with you! You can find a menu of their favorites right at the cafe. Or you can create your own custom shake with all your favorite ingredients. I love to add spinach and fruit for the extra nutrients and to stay fuller for longer. Other popular favorite add-ins include almond butter, peanut butter, collagen, and flax or chia seeds. 

Cor’s famous muffins and bars – This is simply a no-brainer. Not only are they delicious, but they are also filling and always such a little treat! Cor makes them with the finest organic ingredients she can find. And love. It is the perfect treat to get me through the day.

Perfect Bars– Perfect Bars are, well, perfect for after your workout as a high-protein snack made from whole food sources. Perfect Bars offers a hefty dose of vitamin and mineral-dense nutrition thanks to the 20+ superfoods found in each bar. 

Mush: MUSH is ready-to-eat overnight oats that come in a variety of flavors. It is a great breakfast to have while you are on the go.

RX Bars: RX bars are protein snacks made with simple ingredients from real food. It has minimally processed ingredients, and they don’t add anything artificial.

Lesser Evil Snacks: When you’re on the go and need a convenient, protein-packed snack to fuel your day, these are a great option. The Lesser Evil snack line includes power curls, paleo puffs, and organic popcorn. They are organic, air-puffed, gut-friendly, and can pack up to 9g of protein in that little bag. 

Holiday Shakes Are Here!

Next time you are in the gym and know you have a long day ahead of you, stop in the cafe for one of our favorite snacks to fuel your day! And if you are in the holiday spirit, be sure to stop at the cafe for our specialty holiday shakes. Need a hint – think of all your favorite Starbucks drinks in a healthy protein shake form. 

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Kristen Napolitano

Among her many roles, Kristen Napolitano manages the Skylight Cafe at Fitness Incentive

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