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The Biggest Upgrade In Expresso History

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New MOi Cycle Heart Rate Training, a cool new User Interface, and Bluetooth are now part of the unique and continually evolving Expresso experience for riders, so saddle up! It’s the biggest update in Expresso history!

New User Interface

Expresso has completely redesigned the menu to make the bikes more beautiful AND more user friendly. Stunning new images help WOW riders. Smart new menus make it easy to start a workout or use advanced features like elevation charts, workout goals, leader boards and group rides.

Bluetooth Audio

Cut the cord with Bluetooth Audio. Forget about tangled cords and floppy wires. Now your riders can easily pair their favorite Bluetooth headsets for Studio and Heart Rate Training workouts.

Heart Rate Training Channel

Train Smarter with the new Heart Rate Training Channel. Expresso has partnered with MOi Cycle to bring riders a whole new way to train.With this channel, ride and music match perfectly both in beats/pedal strokes and minutes. See measurable results by training in different heart rate zones throughout the ride.
The program starts with a week of Intervals, followed by Strength, Endurance and culminating with Race Day. The shorter Boost workouts are the perfect intro.
During a workout, the target pedal cadence matches the beat of the music. Riders pedal to the beat and bring their resistance up and down to hit the target heart rate. Max heart rate can be adjusted during the workout. If the ride is too hard, users can reduce their max, or they can crank it up and really get after it!

Small Group Training

Bring riders together with Small Group Training. Small Group Training is a powerful way to engage your exercisers and connect them to your facility. Now they can sync up with a coach or workout buddy for Heart Rate Training sessions to see others heart rate percentages in the Group Panel and interact with each other on the road for added fun.
Any rider or coach can begin a Small Group training session simply by starting a MOi Cycle workout. Once the warmup has begun, other riders at your facility can join by choosing the same workout. The soundtrack and segment will automatically sync up across your bikes! Small Group Training requires that you turn on multiplayer if you haven’t already done so.

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