Expresso Bike Upgrades


One Bike. Three Amazing Ways To Work Out.

Expresso: The Coolest Ride On No Wheels

Road Racing, Studio Cycling, HIIT Gaming

Changes are coming to the Expresso Bike interface, and they are awesome! These bikes — already the most advanced indoor cycle available — are getting upgraded and the new features are really impressive. The touchscreen is more intuitive, more feature-packed, and better looking. Add in new rides, games, and the new Studio Sweat On Demand classes for an Expresso workout experience that’s better than ever.

Rides: More Trails, More Miles

Immerse yourself in 300+ miles of stunning interactive roads. From snowy mountains to Mayan ruins, riding the Expresso Bike is just like riding oudoors, without the helmet, the traffic, the chasing dogs, the bad weather.

Games: Choices! Choices!

Play the most advanced, FUN fitness games designed for High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.). Short sprints, rugged terrain, and friendly competition will get you sweating and smiling.

Studio Sweat: Classes On Demand

Kick your training up a notch with Studio Sweat On Demand. Cat Kom and her elite group of expert trainers are here to motivate you with new classes every week.