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In January of 2018, 90% of the participants completed the 30-day Clean Eating Challenge with fantastic results.

Rachel Ezelius, RD

Dieting is hard.

It can be full of unrealistic rules and deprivation. But in January of 2018, 90% of the participants completed the 30-day Clean Eating Challenge with fantastic results. A few shared their experiences below.

“I just wanted to tell you how this past 30-days has changed my life for the better! I’ve always known what foods I should be eating to a certain degree, but your meal plans made it all come together for me! I’ve struggled with my weight since high school, always up and down, but I truly feel like this clean eating is going to stick. I love all the foods and feel amazing! No matter how much weight I’ve lost, I am so thankful to you for leading me down this healthy path. I can see and feel all the changes in my body, and it feels great!”

Kristine Odea lost 15lbs. & 15″

“I signed up for the program not so much about weight loss, but I wanted to start the New Year eating clean. Bravo to Rachel! I learned a lot from this program, and it has helped me in so many ways. Sleeping has improved, and bloating issues are no longer. Yay! Lost weight – and lost inches on my neck – waist – hips, amazing! Overall I just feel so much better; this program gave me a Jump Start on a new way to enjoy healthy eating.  I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to make food changes. This program is Not only about clean eating; it’s about having control over our food choices to improve our overall health. I will continue eating clean because of how I now feel, so thank you again, Rachel, for sharing this program with us.”

Frances Korologos lost 3lbs. & 7″

“Just want to thank you for the Clean Eating Challenge. The program was an eye-opening experience for me and I have learned so much. As you know, I went into this program not to lose much weight but to learn how to eat healthily and to feel good, but I came out losing 8 pounds and over 15 inches. I feel so much better and cut out a lot of foods that were not good for me. You have introduced me to foods that I never really thought I liked or heard of and got me to change my pretzel to a carrot…lol. Snacking on either fruits or vegetables has helped me a lot, especially when I am at work. Thank you again for making a difference in my life.”

Leslie Meyer lost 8lbs. & 15″

“The clean eating challenge got me to stop wishing I was healthier and actually work on it.  Participating exceeded my hopes for what could happen in 30 days.  I feel I have the knowledge to make better choices now.  For example, vegetables I thought were “good” for me turned out to be known to interact with a thyroid thing I have if eaten raw.  Rachel explained why and when to eat certain things in a way that made sense, was easy to follow and got results.  Seeing my weight go down 13 pounds and skin look healthier is my incentive to continue using what I learned.”

Courtney Hughes lost 13lbs. & 16″

“I completed Rachel’s 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge 2018 in January.  My initial reason for doing the challenge wasn’t all about weight loss, but more about changing my eating habits and learning what “clean eating” is all about.  This program was different from any other program I have tried in that after 30 days (down 10 pounds and minus 11 inches) I felt confident that I can continue to go forward “clean eating.”  The bloated feeling after eating is gone, I am sleeping better, the condition of my skin has improved, I have more energy, and I don’t feel “food deprived” at all.  Rachel is a wealth of information.  The 30-Day program was so well laid out with food lists, what to avoid, what to include, shopping lists and daily meal plans.  I would highly recommend Rachel’s East Smart program if you’re looking to make real, long-term changes and feel healthier and look better.”

Janet Cycling

Janet Lang lost 10lbs. & 11″ 

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Raechel Ezelius

Rachel Ezelius

Rachel Ezelius is a Registered Dietitian who manages Fitness Incentive’s Eat Smart program. Questions? Contact her by email: Click here to learn more about Eat Smart

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