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Best Member Experience In The World

For The Third Consecutive Year!

We Are Honored And Grateful

Even in this most trying year, 800+ fitness facilities across 3 continents were eligible to receive Member Experience Awards for 2020. Fitness Incentive is excited to to announce the we have been awarded four big ones — three for the third straight year!

Member Experience Club And Operator of the Year

Fitness Incentive has been identified as the best operator with the highest Net Promoter Score overall across all categories for the 12-month assessment period.
F.I. — the best gym in the world!

Member Experience – Private Independent Gym

Fitness Incentive was also recognized for having provided the Best Member Experience – Private Independent Gym — to our members. Fitness Incentive is at the top of a short list of only 6 facilities in the TRP universe to be so honored.

Member Experience – Most Improved Experience

The operators within each of the categories who have seen the greatest increase in their Net Promoter Score this year when compared to last year.

Member Experience Platinum Award

Based on our overall Net Promoter Score for the 12-month assessment period, Fitness Incentive was awarded the Platinum Medal, the highest of the three award tiers (Silver, Gold, and Platinum).

About The Member Experience Awards

Member Experience Awards (MEAs) are awarded by a company that specializes in monitoring customer satisfaction in the fitness industry called The Retention People (TRP). Awards are bestowed based on an operator’s NPS or Net Promoter Score. The NPS is compiled using answers to a single, simple survey question that you have undoubtedly seen in one of our survey emails: “How likely are you to recommend Fitness Incentive to someone you know?” The responses range from zero to ten, with zero being ‘not likely at all,’ and ten being ‘extremely likely.’ Our NPS score is determined by adding up the supporters (those that score us a 9 or 10) and subtracting the detractors (those scoring 0 through 6). A great score is typically in the mid-70s – for example, Apple scores around 75.

Working with TRP provided us with bench marking for the entire fitness industry, as they have over 800 gyms on three continents participating in their NPS surveying. From the very start, FI’s scores were exceptionally high—mid-80’s to low 90’s, while the fitness industry average was about 50! As nice as seeing that score was, the best part of the NPS surveying for us was that it gave you a forum to tell us what you liked and didn’t like about our services. Knowledge of this sort is invaluable, as it gives us insight into what is and isn’t working and what needs our attention. If you know us – and you do – you know that we obsess over every response, particularly the negatives. We want to get it right all the time, impossible though that may be. NPS has helped us to get closer to that goal. In fact, if you look at just the 7’s, 8’s, 9’s and 10’s— the ‘likely’ to ‘extremely likely’ to recommend us segment of the responses—they would represent about 96% of all responses!

These awards are about customer satisfaction. That means an ongoing conversation – a relationship that goes far beyond mere membership. What NPS means to us is that the love affair between Fitness Incentive and its members is stronger and deeper than any gym anywhere. Think about that. It’s truly amazing. It’s something we’re incredibly proud of and simultaneously humbled by. We can’t begin to express our gratitude for having so many wonderful people – members and staff alike – all together and working towards the same ends. It’s a privilege, an honor, and a blessing.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We are incredibly lucky to be able to do something we love and share it with people who appreciate it and love it as much as we do.

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