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I promise you will find Jump-Sprint to be a total body workout that is an empowering confidence booster. Honestly, it is life-changing, and I don’t say that lightly!
  • Corinne Brown

I get asked, “Why did I change the rebounding/trampoline class to Jump/Sprint?” Let me explain…

First, let’s start by saying that this class has changed my body and the energy and endurance I feel, which is why I love it and why I recommend it. In many ways it’s what I’ve been doing all along, just ramped up a bit.

Nothing Like It

Jump/Sprint provides a unique opportunity to burn fat and develop core strength at the same time. The sprint intervals, which are done on and off the mini-trampoline are fantastic at changing your body composition by burning fat, while the constant motion in all directions on the trampolines helps build core muscles, which improve balance and stability. And, as I always say in class, “A balanced body is an injury-free body!”

And there’s so much more:

Jumping on the trampoline has the following health benefits:

  • Helps increase bone density
  • Strengthens every cell in the body
  • Joint and connective tissue is strengthened
  • Helps the body to detoxify by enhancing lymphatic circulation
  • Enhances immunity to ward off infections and prevent disease
  • Improves balance and posture
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Less stress on feet and legs
  • Helps reduce and combat varicose veins

…to name just a few!

So why sprint, you ask?

Sprinting is one of the most beneficial workouts for fat loss and general health. Sprinting floods the bloodstream with anti-aging hormones like testosterone and human growth hormone while boosting neuron function in the brain. Not only does it make you more resilient for your next sprint workout but for all other forms of stress. You can even build endurance by sprinting, generally making you a more confident, energetic person. But, you must learn how to sprint correctly to achieve the full benefits and avoid injury.

My recommendation is 20-second intervals of all-out speed work. If you are just starting, I would recommend no more than 10-second intervals. People avoid sprinting believing it’s only for competitive athletes, or that they aren’t fit enough, or because it seems too intense. None of these excuses are valid! Try Jump/Sprint and let me prove it to you!

When you engage in an all-out sprint, your body is performing at a level of metabolic function roughly 30 times greater than your resting output. And remember,  sprinting can be achieved on a stationary bike, rower, track or even swimming. It’s the all-out intensity that matters, not the medium or method.

For example, suppose you are taking a brisk walk, casual bike ride or easy swim. This would typically be at a 6-10 MET effort, while a steady pace aerobics class would be about 13.5 MET.  A 30 MET experience like sprinting sends a signal to your genes to shed body fat, turn up fat burning and to boost hormone levels for anti-aging effects. What’s more, a sprint workout’s effects last for hours – even days! This affect is known as the Metabolic Equivalent of Task MET. Note that sprinting is best done when you feel 100 % rested and energized to achieve peak performance and best results.

Life Changing!

I promise you will find Jump-Sprint to be a total body workout that is an empowering confidence booster. Honestly, it is life-changing, and I don’t say that lightly!

Don’t wait to try it, this class is addicting.

See you in class!

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