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When I got home, my face was visibly less puffy and 100% more relaxed looking. There was no headache.

Christine Jelley

Original artwork by Christine Jelley

Puffy Sinuses and Pain? Do You Know About Sinus Relief Massage?

I was browsing the Incentives Organic Spa and Salon site and noticed the Sinus Relief Massage. I don’t normally suffer too badly from seasonal allergies, but this year I am noticeably puffy around the eyes, headachy and reaching for tissues every half hour. In the Northeast US weeds and grasses are in full bloom in June, July and August. Ugh. I was curious to find out what a targeted massage could due to alleviate my symptoms so I booked an appointment with Susan Greenli, licensed massage therapist and esthetician.

Here’s how the website describes the service: “Sinus Relief massage is a relaxing and natural way to relieve congestion and sinus pressure. This 30-minute treatment provides massage and acupressure to the face, scalp, neck, and shoulders and can help gently promote sinus drainage.” Susan greeted me at the desk and led me to one of the fabulous massage rooms. We discussed my concerns, I hopped onto the massage table (heated), and she elevated my head with a soft pillow. This massage is a “clothes on” service so if you’re bashful about going “au naturel” this may be for you.

What followed was thirty minutes of pure relaxation that began with facial massage which included circular motions around the eyes and temples that gently swept outward, a “rainfall” style tapping below the eyes and down the cheeks and manipulation of the eyebrows, all using eucalyptus oil. The temples, ears, and head got attention as well. At one point Susan switched to an oil called “Kwan Loong,” a Chinese blend originally used to aid respiration that has now found use as relief for muscle pain, sinus congestion, bruising and many other ailments. The predominant scents I detected were wintergreen, menthol, eucalyptus and (spike) lavender that yielded a very refreshing and cooling sensation.

At around the twenty-minute mark, Susan incorporated some energy healing, which consisted of applying gentle pressure along the midline of the neck, face, and head. She did this several times throughout, and it was a standout part of the massage. I’d never had energy work and learned that its focus is to remove blockages to free up energy in the body to promote healing and balance. She also located trigger points in my upper body, including just above the chest bone, which “hurt so good.” An invigorating head massage and a gentle hair smoothing finished the massage. Wow.

After the massage, I felt totally relaxed and truly decongested. Each treatment is customized to the client, and Susan told me the beauty of this is that I can use these techniques at home to facilitate drainage and well-being, even though we agreed it feels better when someone else does it. We closed with some tasty cucumber-infused water; she encouraged me to drink a lot of water after the massage to run the toxins out, and a chat about under-eye bags, my current obsession. I’ll be back for another Sinus Relief Massage as well as a facial because Susan offers one incorporating the spa’s signature Eminence products targeted to improve the appearance of the delicate under eye area. I’m all over that.

When I got home, my face was visibly less puffy and 100% more relaxed looking. There was no headache. I felt great and did my own facial massage during a Netflix binge. I highly recommend seeing Susan Greenli for sinus and allergy relief. She makes you feel at home instantly, like you have a friend who happens to be very knowledgeable and talented. She explains everything during or after the massage, your preference, and answered all my questions.

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christine jelley

Christine Jelley

Christine Jelley is a longtime Fitness Incentive member who now has clearer sinuses.

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