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At Incentives, we are committed to offering the most natural, healthy, clean, and, whenever possible, 100% organic products for sale and use in our services.
  • Heidi Manzo

Discovering the Incentives Difference…

But learning about the Incentives “difference” might be putting the cart before the horse because, believe it or not, there are still folks unaware that there even is an Incentives! Comments such as these are often the give-a-way:

“I didn’t know you had a spa at the gym!”

“What do you mean there’s a hair salon on the premises? Where?”

“I didn’t know you had an upstairs!”

“I love Eminence Organics products. I never knew you carried them right here!”

Yes, we still hear remarks like these periodically here at Incentives, even after seventeen years of vibrant existence. Fitness Incentive is such an institution and casts such a huge shadow that it remains challenging to make our presence known and establish a separate identity.

But we are here! 

Right here, tucked inside of Fitness Incentive. The next time you are at the Front Desk checking in, look to your left. See the doors with the sunflower decal? See the vertical TV screen? That’s us! 

Perhaps what makes us surprising is the incongruity. You wouldn’t expect to discover that in the middle of all the energy that is the Fitness Incentive, there exists, right behind those flower-adorned doors, a little oasis of serenity — an oasis we are extremely keen on having you come explore!

Could It Be Any Easier?

Consider the incomparable convenience of our location — right inside Long Island’s favorite gym, a place you were coming to (or should be) anyway! You can accomplish so much under one roof. Take a class, hit the treadmill, lift some weights, check out the sauna, and then step into Incentives for your hair color or cut, a quick manicure, a massage – so many choices, all in one place. And those choices are there for you six days a week — seven for your hair care needs — a total of 70 hours a week! 

Now that we’ve established our existence, let us explain the Incentives “Difference,” for we are, in fact, quite different. Unique, you might say. So much so that we speak and think of ourselves as being defined by that difference. It separates us from the pack, from the many spas and salons scattered throughout Long Island. We are proud to proclaim and confirm: Incentives is special, unique, and fabulous!

Yes, We’re Organic

Let’s begin with the most obvious and significant difference — for it is right there in our business name: Incentives ORGANIC Spa & Salon. This vital distinction constitutes the root of the purpose behind our founding. Let me explain…

Clean, Healthy, Beauty

Like it or not, we are all constantly bombarded by environmental toxins. Some of the sources of these exposures are obvious (who hasn’t driven behind a truck or bus with black soot pouring from the exhaust?), but some are much more subtle. Take beauty and styling products, for example. Do you really know what’s in your shampoo? Your face cream? The nail polish you have been faithfully applying once a week for the how-many years? Incentives was founded with these products — and the potentially harmful toxins they often contain — very much in mind. Can a spa and salon be established in which the impact of exposure to such toxins is eliminated or reduced to the greatest degree possible? Can products — both those we offer for home use and those used on-site by our estheticians — be as free from impurities as possible? Can we maintain a space where those we care for and treat (and those who provide the care and the treatments) are as protected as possible? The answer, it turns out, is emphatically YES! At Incentives, we are committed to offering the most natural, healthy, clean, and, whenever possible, 100% organic products for sale and use in our services. From skincare to haircare and beyond, we seek out and prioritize products created using ingredients that are free from harmful chemicals and toxins; products that harness the power of nature to heal, nourish, beautify, and revitalize your body naturally. We’ve built our extensive inventories of salon products around the finest organic and free-from brands available, including Eminence Organics, Oway Organic Hair Care, Image Skincare, Moroccan Oil, European Soaps, and more.

It’s The People, Too

But the Incentives “Difference” goes beyond creating a calming, serene, conveniently-located environment and selecting ‘first-do-no-harm’ products through careful, enlightened research. It is, of course, the people. Our fantastic staff! We are immeasurably proud of our team of skilled and compassionate technicians, therapists, and estheticians — they are the best in the business: passionate about helping you address your skin, hair, and health care concerns with their years of experience and expertise in their respective fields. Many have been with us for over ten years and continue to invest time and energy into growing and expanding what they can do for you. There is no substitute for commitment — to the craft, to the client — and no substitute for dedication. They are essential qualities; without them, we cannot help you meet your health and beauty goals and become the best version of you.

Don’t Take My Word For It…

I know it’s easy for me to say all these wonderful things about Incentives, and you may be thinking, “Well, it’s her job to make these claims.” However, I can tell you from first-hand experience (being a frequent spa/salon client myself) these are not idle boasts, as the testimonials and reviews of our customers plainly and virtually unanimously show:

“Absolutely amazing experience from laser to massage!!! Very welcoming, friendly staff, great experience!! Highly recommend this place to anyone looking for the total spa package.” Joshua R

 “Meredith is an awesome massage therapist. I’d give her 500 stars if I could. Very good.” – Jon M

“The entire experience was wonderful. From the receptionist to my hair stylist, I enjoyed my day at the spa. Lauren did my hair, and she did such an amazing job enhancing my natural beauty. She is so full of life and just a pleasure to be around. What I love most about the salon is that everyone there makes you feel like family. I would recommend this salon and spa to anyone who’s looking for a fresh look and an overall judgment-free experience. I will definitely be coming back.” – Samantha H.

So, what are you waiting for? NOW is the time to discover the Incentives Organic Spa and Salon DIFFERENCE for yourself! (If you get lost, ask for directions at the front desk!)

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Heidi Manzo

Heidi Manzo is the Manager of Incentives Organic Spa & Salon at Fitness Incentive.

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