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“Saving” Equipment Is Just Wrong


Please Don’t Reserve

Never “Save” Equipment or Machines. Share the gym equipment.
“Saving” machines or equipment for yourself or others (for example, by placing water bottles, clothing, electronic devices, etc. on them) to reserve them when they are not actively being used is disrespectful of your fellow members and against club policy.
Machines and equipment are available to all members equally on a first come, first served basis, and members must be present and the machine or equipment in active use for usage claims to be valid.

The Active Use Hand-off

Another aspect of saving that’s problematic: the “Active Use Hand-off.” Here, a piece of equipment you’d like to use is being used by another member. You ask if you can have it when they’re through, then continue your workout elsewhere. You return and the user hands it off to you. Except a third member has been waiting patiently for her turn, not knowing about the hand-off arrangement. She is denied access and has wasted her time. Best practice: don’t ask for a hand-off in the first place.

Working In

Working in” is a phrase you may hear used by another member or an F.I. Personal Trainer. This simply means that they are asking your permission to use the same equipment that you are using while you rest between sets. Whenever possible, please honor requests to “work-in,” and feel free to ask others to allow you to “work-in” as well.

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Gym Etiquette
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