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OWAY Hair Care – A Holistic Approach

Oway (Organic Way), the world’s premiere PROFESSIONAL ORGANIC HAIR COLOR, takes a holistic approach to hair, health and the delicate world around us.

OWAY Simply Organic is the first color line in the professional beauty industry to use ‘Farm to Chair’ ingredients grown on their 100% chemical-free farms in Bologna, Italy. They are an eco-friendly line that delivers exceptional results while being gentle to the hair and the environment!
They are motivated by a simple concept:

No client should be exposed to unnecessary chemicals, and no stylist should have to work with them!

Oway’s “green chemists” hand-select the highest quality ingredients through the use of active botanicals and pure essential oils to create gentle formulations that deliver rich, multifaceted color results for a non-toxic salon experience.

9 Reasons To Switch:
The Benefits of using Oway Organic Color:

  1. 95 rich and luxurious shades
  2. No harsh fumes
  3. Full gray coverage
  4. Cruelty-free and vegan
  5. Long lasting, shiny hair color
  6. Nourishing organic ingredients
  7. Respects hair’s pH and structural integrity
  8. Uplifting aromas
  9. Healthier for you and for hair stylists

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What The Pros Are Saying…

Loved and used by our own salon professionals, OWAY hair care products are also available for purchase so you can take the OWAY difference home with you.

“Curly Potion by OWAY is my favorite curly product. A perfect balance of hold and softness, OWAY’s Curly Potion is the ideal leave-in product for people who want definition/shine and less stringiness/crunch.” — Elizabeth

“Volumizing Root Spray is a great product! It is not sticky like other root lifters and gives you the volume you NEED. It is also a dual, so you can put it in your hair while it’s wet and dry-reblow to freshen up your hair for the night out.”
— Lauren

“My favorite shampoo by OWAY is the Moisturizing Hair Bath. It infuses the hair with nutrients, resulting in silky, shiny hair. It is gentle enough for all hair-types including color treated.” — Rose


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