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IronMan Bob McKweon

Meet Bob McKeown,  a qualifier for the upcoming Iron Man World Championship. He is the owner and head coach of South Shore Tri Coach and long-time FI member.

Bob McKweon Gets Ready for Ironman Worlds

The IRONMAN World Championship takes place October 14, 2017 on the Big Island of Hawaii in Kailua-Kona.The swim 2.4-mile segment begins and ends at Kailua Pier. The 112-mile bike race travels north on the Kona Coast. The marathon course travels 26.2 miles through Kailua-Kona coming down Ali’i Drive to the cheers of thousands of spectators at the finish line.

According to, triathletes train an average of seven months for the IRONMAN World Championship. The average hours per week devoted to training for the IRONMAN World Championship generally falls between 18 and 30-plus. Average training distances are:

· Swimming miles per week: 7 (11.3 km)
· Biking miles per week: 232 (373.3 km)
· Running miles per week: 48 (77.2 km)

I’m so excited to introduce you to Bob McKeown. He is one on my clients who, again, has qualified to participate in the Championship. He is the owner and head coach of South Shore Tri Coach. It is a Long Island-based company assisting all levels of endurance athletes to achieve their goals. He specializes in fully-customized training plans for each individual athlete, while also offering group workouts on a regular basis in an effort to bring all athletes together, just one of the reasons why you can find Bob in a class at FI. He knows the benefits of group exercise, both outside and in the gym.

His preparation for Kona began well before the average seven-month commitment. There are so many different components for his success in this event. This is a sport that incorporates many challenges: mind, body, and soul will need to come together and help his body push beyond its limits. Over the next months, our training will focus on strength, flexibility, functionality, speed and agility, The diversity of Bob’s training will directly aid in his successful completion of The Kona Ironman World Championship.
His training technique is very specific and very high tech. Everything is measured and followed to the “T”. Whether it’s a calorie count for the day or what was his energy expenditure for a spin class, everything is documented and considered.

You can often find him in the spin room getting in saddle time. He and his athletes often take multiple classes in a row to get in their long rides done due to inclement weather. He spoke to me about a class he took with Jourdan.

Bob stated: I took my first spin with Jourdan this week and thought she was fantastic as well. I attached some data that even proves the effectiveness of the class she taught as measured by my heart rate that day. As you know, we all train by power outside and we are super happy FI has incorporated this into the Spindrome.

You can note the training effect for the class was a “4” which indicates highly improving and not overreaching within the class. I just figured I would share some positive insight on the effectiveness of her teaching based on the attached charts.

The Charts: (click to zoom)

Come with us on our journey, as he prepares for this challenge. We’ll post updates on Fitness Incentive’s and my (Eileen Slayback Jacinth) Facebook pages. I’ll also share workouts in upcoming newsletters. Follow us and get to know what it takes to be a champion. Go, Bob!

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Eileen Jacinth

Eileen Jacinth

Eileen Jacinth is an AAAI/ISMA-certified Personal Trainer, a certified Group Exercise Instructor, and a certified Spin Instructor.

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