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While you’re summer prepping, don’t neglect your feet, which will now be on display for all to see!
  • Heidi Manzo

Flip-Flop Worthy Feet by Parasilk

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Summer is here – in fact, for many of us, it started with a nice, long Memorial Day weekend. Are you ready?  Have you opened your pool and lost those pesky winter pounds? Have you switched over your closet to your shorts and swimsuits? Yes, there is so much to do to prepare for another glorious summer on Long Island! 

What About Your Feet?

While you’re summer prepping, don’t neglect your feet, which will now be on display for all to see! At Incentives Organic Spa and Salon, we are here for you—not just with our amazing pedicure options but also with some NEW fabulous products that will extend the life of your pedicure and keep your feet flip-flop-worthy all summer long. 

Products now available at Incentives include:

Introducing Parasilk Dry Cracked Heel Repair, a balm that’s not just a moisturizer but also a soother, a repairer, and a protector for your dry, callused heels and feet. This amazing product delivers moisture that will keep your feet feeling silky soft, making it the ultimate at-home treatment for smooth, beautiful, sandal-ready feet.

Indulge in the luxury of Parasilk Recovery Foot Therapy, a unique treatment designed to help you relax and unwind. Immerse your feet in warm, soothing waxes that will calm and nourish sore, stiff feet. This intensive paraffin treatment, enriched with vitamin-rich antioxidants, delivers deep nutritive hydration. The warmth of Parasilk will relax your muscles, ease stiffness, and increase circulation.

Parasilk Recovery Heel Peel is the  PERFECT choice to help rid your heels of what sometimes seems like pounds of unwanted, dry, dead skin! Why peel the top of your feet when it’s the heels that really need the attention? Let’s focus on the problem of stubborn, dry, cracked heels.  An infused peel pad places the glycolic peel on the areas of your heels that need it, along the lower back and sides of the heels. Alpha hydroxy acids break down the dry skin without irritation. Heels begin peeling and shedding dead skin in 3-7 days post-treatment, leaving your skin silky smooth.

Parasilk Foot Spot Peel – The neater foot peel is designed to remove dead skin from the places on your feet that need it, not places that don’t. Target dry areas with this unique sponge applicator that will get callused areas and cracked heels without leaving your feet unsightly for weeks. Peel dry areas on your feet without downtime, leaving your sandal ready seven days a week. Exfoliation from the peel begins in 3-7 days, leaving them silky and smooth. It is made with a proprietary blend of pure paraffin waxes, organic virgin coconut oil, vitamin E, and lavender oil.

Stop in and check them out!  We look forward to seeing you and your feet!

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Heidi Manzo

Heidi Manzo is the Manager of Incentives Organic Spa & Salon at Fitness Incentive.

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