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Going Green!

So long paper…Fit to Print takes to the cloud!

“Read All About It!”

Fit to Print started out way back in 1993 as a little 4-page newsletter (see photo). No one, least of all me, expected it to grow into the 32-page monster you’d typically be holding in your hands right now. But we live in an increasingly digital age, and a lot of what we used to read in print publications we now view on our computers, smart phones and tablets. And that’s exactly how future issues of Fit To Print will reach you…digitally.

The current issue (Summer, 2017) will be the last we publish on paper. You probably received it in the mail or saw it at the gym a few weeks back. Now we’re republishing the same edition in our brand new digital format.

There are several reasons for us to make the change. For one, the limitations of print have never been felt so acutely as they are today. We have a lot of virtual content – videos, photos, web pages, and websites – that we simply can’t include or do justice to in the print edition. The online version will allow us to expand our content to include all of the above and more. It’s also become pretty expensive (and slow) to produce 6000 copies of a 4-color 32-page magazine. So we’ll not only be able to produce more content, we’ll be able to reach more members more often, whether they be of the past, present, or future variety.

Phone…Tablet…Desktop…your Newsletter at your fingertips all the time!

We’ve been experimenting with an easily readable, mobile-friendly online publication format, and we’d love to know what you think. Click the cover and check it out, then give us your feedback.

Fit to Print Summer 2017

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