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“It doesn’t matter how skilled one is at dermaplaning others’ faces, it is next to impossible to genuinely dermaplane one’s own face!”
  • Jackie Carini

Dermaplaning is NOT Shaving!

…and the results are amazing.

Dermaplaning and shaving are two completely different services, with different tools used to achieve different goals! While they both involve a blade moving across the skin, that is the only thing they have in common! 


A shaving blade is a FLEXIBLE blade designed to remove only hair from the surface of the skin. The proper angle to use a shaving blade is 30 degrees, and the blade is flexible so that it ‘floats’ over the surface of the highly lubricated skin. 

…Vs. Dermaplaning

On the other hand, a dermaplaning blade is a RIGID blade designed to exfoliate several weeks of dead surface cells from the face. The proper angle to use a dermaplaning blade is 45 degrees, and we stretch the skin into more or less small flat sections to match the blade so that it can clear away the vellus hair with the first 2-3 strokes. Then, we remove or “plane” away the dead skin cells with the subsequent strokes. 

Don’t Try This At Home!

It doesn’t matter how skilled one is at dermaplaning others’ faces, it is next to impossible to genuinely dermaplane one’s own face! Folks using the tools touted on QVC or HSN to ‘dermaplane’ themselves at home are simply performing a glorified shave. The vellus hair is removed, but the dead skin remains!

What kind of results can you expect from your Dermaplaning Treatment:

Removal of tons of dead skin and facial hair – with no irritation.

  • Brighter skin and more even skin tone and color.
  • Improved absorption of serums, moisturizers, etc.
  • It creates a flawless canvas for makeup application.
  • Zero downtime!


…will my hair grow back thicker? No, that is a myth. It will grow back as normal as the hair is not removed from the follicle. 

Dermaplaning can be done as a standalone service or prior to any facial, peel, or microneedling service to bump up the efficacy of any treatment. 

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Jackie Carini

Jackie Carini is a Certified Makeup Artist, Licensed Cosmetologist, and Esthetician. Her knowledge, combined with 20 + years of experience with skin, color theory, artistic eye, and attention to detail are all important factors when considering a Permanent Makeup Specialist.

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