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No matter what point it is in your day, you have the power to change your state of mind.”
  • Sabrina Morici

Being Mindful, Everwhere

When you think of yoga, it might seem like the time you spend in class on your mat is the entirety of your practice. But, in fact, this is just where we learn the tools needed to practice yoga outside of class.

A yoga class can seamlessly bring you to a state of mindfulness through the various ways Yoga teachers remind you to focus on your breath, your body, and the space around you. Each reminder to bring the focus back strengthens the mind to do this on its own. So when you leave the mat, don’t leave this practice with it.

After you’ve left the yoga class, continue to re-focus on your breath, your body, and what you are doing in the ever-fleeting moment. This may sound impossible, especially when in the midst of life’s distractions and challenges. But being able to re-focus, even for a few seconds, will strengthen this part of your mind. Over time, a few seconds turns into a few minutes, and you continue to grow.

Breath is an incredible tool that we have. Practice tracing your breath, feeling the rise and fall of your belly and chest. This is always available to you. In any moment, you can focus on your breath, bringing all of your attention and curiosity to it, and let this center your mind. You will feel clearer and ready to move forward with peace.

When you notice a pose or breathing practice that relieves your mind, ask the instructor about it. Ask exactly how you can practice it on your own. Over time, your knowledge of effective techniques to relax the thinking mind and soothe the body and soul will grow. Remember to be kind and patient with yourself as you seek consistency, much as your Yoga instructor would guide you.

The small moments of recognizing your state of mind give you an opportunity to shift it. No matter what point it is in your day, you have the power to change your state of mind. You can integrate one of the breathing exercises or poses you learned in class, play a song you heard in Savasana, or play a podcast by someone who inspires you.

Join Me!

Does this sound like the healing you have been looking for? Let me help you grow your personal practice with proven methods for a mindful life. Join me for a week in Costa Rica for a Mindfulness Retreat, July 9th – 15th or 16th – 22nd, 2023!! We will start each morning with Yoga and Meditation, enjoy afternoon fitness or other workshops, explore hiking trails and waterfalls, spend a day in Isla Tortuga dancing on the beach, and end each night together for meditation and other creative events. We will use breathwork, yoga flows, and Pilates to build our personal knowledge of Mindfulness methods and then integrate these lessons into our daily activities. By the time you return home, your mind will be strengthened with the focus on right here and right now. 

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About the Author

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Sabrina Morici

Sabrina Morici is a certified yoga and Pilates instructor at Fitness Incentive. She is also available for private and small group Pilates Reformer training.

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