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There is nothing wrong per se with food being part of these major events in our life; we just don’t want them to be the focal point.

Rachel Ezelius

I can name any event (holiday, wedding, birthday, carnival, funeral) and you can probably associate a food that goes with that event. Let’s go to the movies – are you thinking about popcorn, candy, and a diet soda? What about hanging with friends to play board games? Are you thinking about chips and dips, cheese platter and drinks? Think about that baby shower – are you wondering if it is going to be a buffet or a la carte? Wouldn’t it be strange to attend any of these events without a spread of goodies? There is nothing wrong per se with food being part of these major events in our life; we just don’t want them to be the focal point. Let’s make a goal for 2018 to be more about fellowship with friends and family and less about food!

  1. Making a gingerbread house.

    This can be a fun tradition for kids and adults alike. But let’s be honest. The goal is to NOT eat the gingerbread house! The danger is the bag of candies that are purchased to decorate the house (and, by the way, they aren’t even the particularly good candy. Who really likes gumdrops and red hots anyway?). Decorating gingerbread houses does not mean it’s time to eat a bunch of yucky candy- it is to decorate the house and then let it collect dust (so we don’t eat it later!)

  2. See extended family.

    Yes, it is true when family comes over you must feed them, but you don’t have to feed them ALL their favorite foods. Research has shown that people base how much they should eat on how much is served to them. Translation: the more you make, the more they will eat (even if they are stuffed!)

  3. Cookie exchange.

    This one is tricky. The peril? Baking cookies before the exchange (and eating them), going to the exchange (and testing them all) and bringing a big tray of cookies back! So, what do we do? Research has also confirmed that the more options one has, the more one will eat. For example, if you only have 1 type of cookie it might be easier just to have 1 or 2 as a snack. But, if you have 12 types of cookies you might need to have one of each. Cookies can freeze well, so instead of having the cookies just laying around in your line of sight, wrap them up and put them away and just pull them out for the actual holiday where you can share them.

  4. Holiday parties.

    The trick: Look pretty. (By the way, Incentives Spa is having some great deals for getting all glammed up for your party.) Research has shown if you feel good about yourself you are more likely to practice self-care, which includes eating and drinking with dignity and being more mindful. It also doesn’t hurt to wear a more fitted outfit (even if you may need spanks to suck you in. 😉)

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