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“…I was asked to maybe ‘make something different.’ I was so frazzled – I had no idea what that ‘something different’ would be. But a friend suggested that I just “do my thing,” and then there was ‘Shakin It.’”

Dawn Moore

A Shake is Born…

It’s an interesting concept. Throw a bunch of ingredients into a blender, mix it up and voila! You’re done.

What is more intriguing is the fact that it’s most likely something that you did by mistake and got you that perfect blend. Along with time, trial and error you end up with a fantastic recipe that people love.

‘Shakin’ It’ as I always say, “It’s not just a class, it’s a community.” It’s a gift that keeps on giving. The perfect mix of people, music, and moves that, dare I say, is just darn fun.  Whether you’re doing it or watching it, there is just something about what’s going on in that room that creates smiles all around.

Ten years ago in 2008, after realizing that I wasn’t getting any smaller (or younger), I decided to start teaching group fitness. I asked some advice on how to become certified and became a Cycle Instructor. Dancing, Dance Fitness, Shaking….was NOT on my radar.  Cycle is my first love and taught me the discipline that was needed to become a successful instructor in other formats. Music memorization, timing, playlists were so exciting to me, and I knew I would teach my one spin class per week forever.

In 2009, I was asked by a friend to take a ‘Zumba’ class. I’m like, “What in the Sam Hill is that?” Well, you know what happened. I became a Zumba instructor and added it to my repertoire. I said, “What’s two days a week? This is enough for me. No problem!” And then I walked into the Fitness Incentive.

In 2010, I joined Fi and started working out and having so much fun. Saturday Aerofunk with Cathy P. was a must. Some dead batteries and Cor at the front desk while I jumped on stage to fill in for a few seconds was that “pinch” that went into the recipe that started it all.  I joined Fi as a Zumba Toning instructor! Unfortunately, that wasn’t a hit, and I was asked to maybe ‘make something different.’ I was so frazzled – I had no idea what that ‘something different’ would be. But a friend suggested that I just “do my thing,” and then there was ‘Shakin It.’

One of my favorite things about being an instructor is the positive impact that I have on people. It never ceases to amaze me when people show up for class or tell me how much it has helped them and how much they enjoy taking classes.  I enjoy meeting so many people and the relationships that I have made.

The Shakers:

Who knows how these things come about?

The Shakers (a term I randomly coined) are just an amazing blend of folks that come together and throw caution to the wind.  We dance, we sometimes sing, feel good about ourselves and come back another day to do it again. Our demographic is far and wide, and I believe it makes a difference. It’s not just a fun place, it’s a safe place for people of all ages and fitness levels to come, enjoy and feel accomplished at the end. You don’t feel judged. There is no right or wrong, no left or right, you just wiggle it. We have a very high Mother/Daughter duo ratio as well. I suspect people just show up to hear the things I have to say actually. I won’t list anything here, it’s totally random, and you’ll have to come to hear it!

In retrospect, ‘Shakin It’ is my true accomplishment in my fitness career. There is just something about the class, the people, the venue, the music that when all combined is a recipe that couldn’t be recreated if I tried. I would have never imagined the success that group of people helped to create.

Over the years, I’ve continued to learn and teach new formats to become a better group exercise instructor. I have continued my career in Telecommunications and managed to find a way to keep teaching. It’s never easy, but the rewards are worth it.

Whether it’s Shakin’ It, Cycle, or Barre, it’s the hard work of every person that makes us all a success.

And as I say, “You walk in this room and do the hardest work you’ve done all day. Recognize your gifts and thank you for sharing them with me.”

Happy Holidays,

-Dawn and the Shakers.

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Dawn Cycling

Dawn Moore

Dawn Moore is a certified group-ex and cycling instructor. She is famous for her Shakin’ It class at FI.

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