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“Here are four tried and true pointers we’ve discovered really make a difference!”
  • Elizabeth Zitvogel & Rose White

4 Ways to Preserve Your Blowout

With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, the last thing you need to worry about is how to keep that shiny, bouncy blowout looking fresh. Here are four tried and true pointers we’ve discovered really make a difference!

• Sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase doesn’t just benefit your skin;

Turns out it also helps to prevent your blowout from becoming frizzy and cutting down on breakage! Swapping out those rough cotton and flannel pillowcases for smoother silk or satin can help keep you dry and cool (especially for those of us with pesky hormonal fluctuations).

• With winter’s unpredictable weather, be it snow, rain, or just cold, dry air, we are all reaching for our hoods and hats.

Sadly, even the best blowout has a hard time withstanding the friction and static from the cold. A simple fix is lining your hat or hood with a silk scarf, and Voila! Stay warm and dry and look picture-perfect when you get to your holiday event.

• Avoiding moisture, including sweat, rain, and showers, is key.

Use a tight shower cap and avoid steam by using cooler temperatures. Protect your hair by using a hood and umbrella in the rain, and try to avoid strenuous activity that will make you break a sweat (like that spin class you were planning on taking!)

• Try not to overuse hairspray.

Even the best sprays can dampen a blowout, and over-application could make the hair heavy and lose its luster.

Following these tips for your next blowout will not only make you feel and look great, and it will last for days!

Happy Holidays, and remember to book your blowouts at Incentives now!

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About the Author

Hair Stylist

Elizabeth Zitvogel

Elizabeth Zitvogel is a Licensed Cosmetologist with extensive training in all aspects of hair styling and coloring.  She specializes in regular and organic color and highlighting, as well as ombre application. Elizabeth also possesses creative techniques with blowouts and up-dos.

About the Author

Rose White Headshot

Rose White

Rose White is a licensed cosmetologist with over 20 years of experience in hair design. She specializes in women’s and men’s haircuts, regular and organic hair color, foil highlights, and Keratin smoothing treatments. Rose especially welcomes the scissor-shy client.

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