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“Let’s take a look at the seasonal changes with Ayurveda. Each season holds a different energy, and there are varied ways to stay balanced in each season. Right now, we are in the Vata period.
  • Sabrina Morici

Changing Energy with the Seasons

Ayurveda is the sister science to Yoga and teaches us about the elemental makeup of ourselves and the world around us. When following Ayurveda, we work towards balancing our elemental energy to stay grounded and healthy.

Let’s take a look at the seasonal changes with Ayurveda.

Each season holds a different energy, and there are varied ways to stay balanced in each season. Right now, we are in the Vata period. From late fall to mid-winter, energy is associated with Vata, the air element. This means the environment around you is cold, dry, dark, sleepy, etc., and you may also feel this way in your body. Vata energy also brings anxiety and a disconnect from the body when not balanced.

So, how do we find balance during these times?

Ayurveda places a strong emphasis on daily routines. When you encounter your routines throughout the day, they should bring a sense of grounding, safety, and peace. These routines should always be the same and be activities that lead to your greater good. Think of your routines as your “rituals for self-care.” You can update, add, or subtract from your routine until you find what feels good. If you don’t have any routines in your day, think about adding a couple of things, either in the morning or before bed, that you can do each day.

Here are some Vata Balancing Daily Activities that can help you stay balanced:

  1. Start your morning with an invigorating workout or yoga class to warm and wake up the body. Listen to your body when it needs something slower or more rest in the mornings. You could practice awakening pranayama or warming pranayama like lion’s breath, Kapalabhati breathing, or ujjai breath.
  2. End your day with Restorative or Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, a long sound bath meditation, or other grounding practice.
  3. Enjoy an herbal bath (add warming and moisturizing herbs to a coffee filter or tea towel and tie closed. Allow herbs to soak into bath water before stepping in. (A coffee filter or tea towel allows easy removal of the herbs so you don’t clog the tub!) You can also add some coconut oil or coconut milk, Epsom salt, essential oils, etc.
  4. Have warm drinks. Allow your body 60 minutes to naturally wake up before having caffeine. Try a cup of chamomile tea (or another warming herb: ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, chai, etc.) or a glass of warm water. This warms the organs and digestive tract, which will make you feel less sluggish in the morning. Avoid Iced or chilled drinks.
  5. Eat a freshly cooked, warm breakfast in the morning before leaving your house (before coffee, if possible). Eat in a calm, warm place. Practice Mindful Eating.
  6. Cook with root vegetables for grounding. Eat fruits and vegetables that are in season. Keep your immunity strong with citrus fruits and plenty of vitamins and minerals in your diet.
  7. Keep skin moisturized! Try an Ayurvedic oil massage with coconut oil, sweet almond oil, or another of your choice.
  8. Dress in bright, warm colors like reds and oranges. Always cover up and protect your skin in the cold.
  9. Skip daytime naps for a longer and earlier night’s sleep. Allow yourself to sleep a bit more in the morning if you’re feeling over-extended, but make sure to keep yourself motivated to move and stay awake during the day.


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