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“Punching pads keeps me out of jail! Best therapy ever!”
  • Kim Braha

‘Jump and Drill’ Celebrates 20 Years!

 It is hard to believe that this program has been running at the Fitness Incentive for 20 years! A full hour-long class involving strength, flexibility, endurance, power, and just good old hard work. Intervals of jumping rope mixed with power kicks and punches and standing balance are the time-tested answer to switching up those tired old workouts. This class is for everyone: if you’re looking for a challenge or a change, ‘Jump and Drill’ is the class for you. This total body workout is as good for your mind as it is for your body.

Jump & Drill Program Logo Circa 2012

Just listen to what its participants have to say about this amazing class!

Jump and Drill is the class you NEED to take when life gets really stressful, or you want to take your workout to the next level (New Year’s resolution, anybody? lol.) It’s a therapeutic outlet for the mental stressors we are all experiencing, and it’s really just fun! You will leave knowing you just worked hard with the added bonus of having a clear mind. Happy 20th, Jump and Drill – here’s to 20 more!!!

 – Grace McHugh

Twenty years of Jump and Drill! This class makes my heart happy. Nothing compares to the energy of jump and Drill! 

The class is intimate, and you team up with a partner, which is super motivating. You work together with a kick pad, encouraging each other to kick harder and be strong the whole way through.  

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of being able to let out the week’s frustrations through a strong kick or a punch! You can’t help but feel awesome every time you kick the pad perfectly, and you hear that huge smack! And the more you do it, the stronger you get, which makes you feel even more awesome! 

‘Jump and Drill’ is like a mini therapy session, the kind where you leave feeling sweaty, stronger, satisfied, and ready to tackle the week ahead. If you’re looking to feel stronger and great about your workout, this class is a must-try in your routine for 2022!

 – Amanda Pryor 

‘Jump and Drill’ has always been my go-to when I needed a physical and mental challenge. Kelly’s precise cues and rigorous drills push you beyond your expectations. The magic of J&D is the people – the contagious energy, support, and determination to better each other lights your soul on fire. I am grateful for each partner that has held my pad and beyond during J&D! With each punch and kick I navigated career changes, wedding preparation, childbirth recovery, motherhood, grief, and beyond with my partner….we left everything on the mat and sweat on the floor. J&D 💜KW

 – Erin Mascaro

I have been enrolled in Jump and Drill for a few years now. I love the kickboxing classes at the gym and decided to give it a try. I was so glad I did. It raises you to the next level and pushes you out of your comfort zone in such an amazing way. Kelly makes it fun, and there are such a great group of women always working together and encouraging each other. It’s a great total body workout that will leave you feeling empowered and accomplished. I love it and would recommend everyone try a few sessions. You will not regret it!

 – Andrea Ozsveth 

A notably pregnant Kelly on the Cover of the Autumn 2005 Cover of FTP.

‘Jump and Drill’ is a class that will challenge and ultimately improve balance, increase strength and endurance, and improve flexibility. It is an intense well-paced class where you become focused on the power behind your punches and kicks, giving you that mental release. Partnering fosters accountability where you both bring your A-game. And jumping rope is fun and such an excellent workout. 

This class improved my cardiovascular health while strengthening the big muscles.

 – Monica Proto

‘Jump and Drill’ is the most unique workout at Fitness Incentive! While working with a partner, under the incredible instruction and guidance of trainer Kelly Wallace, you are able to work muscles you didn’t even know you had! The hour class fits in cardio, balance, control, and force through jumping rope, kicking, hitting the pads, and 100 push-ups! One of the best ways to decompress from a stressful week!

 – Kaity Hannsgens

If you are looking to take your workout to the next level in 2022, check out ‘Jump and Drill.’ Where else can you punch something with a positive outcome? It’s a great sweat, will clear your mind, and you’ll meet wonderful people who will push you to work harder!

 – Karen Harsche 

‘Jump and Drill’ is by far one of the best classes I have done at Fitness Incentive! I love the energy and the way Kelly Wallace executes the class! It is fun to work with a partner, and from start to finish, it is a huge adrenaline rush! 

 – Nancy Osback

Jump and Drill is by far my favorite class at Fitness Incentive because it is a ‘workout with a purpose.‘ The self-defense skills used in the class extend far beyond the gym, and the energy within the four walls is not only welcoming, it’s contagious! The dojo-like atmosphere brings out the fighter within all of us… making the 100 push-ups, jump roping, kicking and punching seem like second nature to even the novice, and the hour flies by. I feel empowered and covered in sweat afterward and look forward to it whenever it’s offered. The regulars that have attended the class for years are proof that this class is where it’s at!

 – AnnMarie Mills

“Punching pads keeps me out of jail! Best therapy ever!”

 – Kim Braha

Come and join us for this amazing workout and see for yourself what has lasted for 20 years. Look for a posting of the next class. 

If you are interested in more information, please leave your name and number at the front desk for Kelly!

And Check Out the Video:

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Kelly Wallace

Kelly Wallace is a certified Group Exercise Instructor and Personal Trainer at Fitness Incentive.

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