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Jamie Cycling

Jamie Pitelli

Jamie Pitelli has been instructing cycle at Fitness Incentive for 10 years. Cycling is one of her favorite classes to lead. Jamie loves bringing intense energy and enthusiasm to every class. She keeps her students motivated and inspired as they move through hills, jumps and Tabata drills all in a 45 minute class. Jamie believes that the music is a key component in her instruction. She believes it is important that the riders make a personal connection to the music. It could be uplifting, empowering or remind them of something that impacted their life. That connection creates positive energy that is shared between her and the riders.

Words to live by: Every day is a new beginning.

Favorite music to ride to: Mostly new, popular music mixed with modern and alternative rock, old school rap and hip hop.

I don’t think I can live without: Sweating!!

Favorite Artist: Tori Amos

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