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Zero Impact Running

All The Benefits Without The Pounding

Zero Runner

Smarter Than A Treadmill

Watch the video to see the Octane Zero Runner in action.

Exercising on a treadmill pounds the body and places significant pressure on the joints with every stride. Plus, running on a treadmill with a moving belt doesn’t match running outdoors.

Find this Fantastic Machine in the first row of the Forward Cardio Deck.

Many runners’ experience is that they do not sufficiently engage the hamstrings and glutes, and their form changes to accommodate the belt.
By reducing repetitive impact, the Zero Runner enables users to optimize their form, engage the core and concentrate on activating the hamstrings and glutes. Users can choose to walk with shorter strides, or vary their stride and pace throughout the workout to walk, jog or run – just like outside. Plus, with live stride tracing*, the Zero Runner enables users to perfect their stride to become a more efficient and consistent in their workout.

Features Of The Zero Runner:

• Zero-Impact Running™
• True running motion
• Walk, jog or run
• Up to 58” stride length
• Customized to user’s stride
• Self-powered
• Quiet operation
• Shorter than a treadmill
• CROSS CiRCUIT compatible

Find this Fantastic Machine in the Forward Cardio Deck.

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