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Guess Who?

Let’s play a game everyone! I want you to guess who I am. Not literally (my name is on this) but figuratively. I’ll give you some hints along the way. If you get to the end and your guess is correct, you get a special holiday prize.

First, let me start by telling you who I am not.

  • I’m not a Superhero.

There is some strange belief that because I may dance on a stage, fix your posture at the barre or ride the instructor bike in the spin room that I am invincible. Nothing can stop me! I wish.

I get tired too folks. I get winded; I have asthma attacks in class and an occasional hot flash. I’m real and giving it my all to the very end because I know I can, and I know you’re right there with me. We all have a rough day and sometimes that makes for the best workout. Sometimes I just sit down and rest. Even Superman takes his cape off sometimes. Why can’t you?

  • I am not able to “eat what I want” because I am tall.

I’ll be honest, I’ve gone up and down in weight numerous times and fight the battle with my scale constantly. I have tried so many things and programs over the years, and I have found that learning how to eat was a lesson that changed my life and attitude towards food. The Eat Smart program at FI with Rachel Ezelius opened my eyes to so many things and taught me how to eat.

I try to make good choices (most of the time), go easy on the wine, and not be too hard on myself. We are all our own worst critics. Remember, tomorrow is another day.  If you drank the whole bottle? Ate too many cookies? Ok. Don’t drive, and start fresh tomorrow.  Why stress?

  • I am not great at everything I have my limits.

Let’s be serious here. I’m not 25. I can’t do things that I used to. How I’d love to jump up and down on that rebounder cuz that Pump n’ Jump class looks bomb AF. But yeah, I know the next day my knees and other things will hurt, and that’s just not fun to me. I tend to like one of my feet on the ground at all times if possible. So, I found things that I like to do and that agree with me. There are so many choices at the gym that are there for you. Remember to listen to your body. Just because your mind likes it doesn’t mean your hips do. Find something you enjoy, and you’ll want to just keep doing it.

Ok… Moment of truth. Did you guess correctly?

Answer: I am you. I’m just a regular guy trying to do better every day.

The Prize: Okay there is no prize. That was to get you to read to the bottom.

Happy Holidays!

Celebrate and make your way through the holiday season knowing that the gift that you are giving yourselves is worth more than gold. The choice you made to get off that sofa the day you really didn’t want to and come Shake it or Ride it, or Pump and Jump it pays dividends for life.

Representing exercise for the Everyman,

Dawn R. Moore

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About the Author

Dawn Moore

Dawn Moore is a certified group ex and cycling instructor. She is famous for her Shakin’ It class at FI.

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