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Summer is coming hot & fast, and we all want easy, gorgeous hair so that we look and feel our best all summer long. So now you’re wondering…how do I achieve that?!
  • Lauren McGovern

All right, ladies…

Summer is coming hot & fast, and we all want easy, gorgeous hair so that we look and feel our best all summer long. So now you’re wondering…how do I achieve that?!

Simple, choose the right highlights that will look great, even when the hot summer sun beats down on them.

My clients are always asking my advice on the best kind of highlight for the summer, and they are also concerned about how to protect those highlights because they can oxidize and change color from the sun, salt water & choline. I’m all about how we can maintain our color & protect our hair.

What’s transitioning for the summer… 2022

We all go through our transitions in life, just as we are currently transitioning into summer, but the transition I want to talk to you about is how your highlights can fade from one color into another. Our goal is always to keep the longevity of our color, but what’s great about this summer’s trend is that it’s embracing the fade of one color to the next as your hair oxidizes. It’s like getting two looks for your summer! Here are the three main colors that are happening this summer.

Platinum Blonde 

(Pearl Essence) is a gorgeous color that comes in hot at the beginning of the summer, and then as the summer sun works its magic, it transitions your color to a golden blonde over time. Just like at the beginning of the summer, our summer tan is more of a pinkish-red hue, but then as the pigment in your skin changes, it becomes a beautiful tan. Same with your hair. The platinum blonde transitions into the perfect light honey blonde to match that golden tanned skin that comes by mid-summer.

Chocolate Brunette

(Dark Brown) is a rich color that we love, but as the summer progresses, it’s fun to have that touch of sun in our hair to lighten us up. This chocolate brown fades into an auburn that is one of the hottest colors this summer! Don’t be afraid of that auburn highlight; lean into it with summer fun and enjoy this splash of color.

Strawberry Blonde 

is another stunning look for the summer! What was once Rose Gold will fade into a beautiful, fun, strawberry blonde that is so much easier to achieve and maintain. Rose Gold is beautiful but is more to manage as it fades quickly. Strawberry blonde, on the other hand, will last longer and takes so much less maintenance so that you can focus on your summer romance and not managing your hair.

Now Let’s Talk About Protection.

There is no such thing as straight-up sunblock for your hair. However, a good non-paraben shampoo is crucial (we carry several by OWAY and Moroccan). We don’t want our color washing out from the sun, so your best protection starts in your shower. Too much sun exposure is not great for our skin or hair, but a good shampoo like our Moroccan All-in-One Leave-in Conditioning spray helps keep the hair moist and protects from environmental free radical damage. So the right shampoo, leave-in conditioner, and a hat can make all the difference for the longevity of your color. 

Moroccan Oil



Humidity = Frizz…Not Anymore!!

Most of you know that Keratin is a great treatment to control the frizz of your hair and keep it silky smooth. What was once a treatment only known for those who wanted straight frizz-free hair is now a viable option for those who want to keep the curl but lose the frizz! Ask your certified stylist for more information about this cool new treatment that we are absolutely loving!! 

Now get out there, enjoy your summer, make memories and take lots of photos, because you are beautiful!!

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Lauren McGovern

Lauren McGovern has been immersed in the beauty and wellness industry since she was a young girl. After obtaining her license she began as an Apprentice at Harvey Allen Salons. Lauren has studied under celebrity stylist Nick Arrojo and worked at Soto salon as Senior Stylist for five years. Prior to joining the staff of Incentive Organic Salon Lauren worked at Mure Salon on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. She is now back on Long Island and excited to be working for Incentives Organic Spa & Salon!

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