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“…amidst all of the routine things we do to get ready for class, there’s something new and wonderful – welcoming back members who have just returned to us, their fitness family.”
  • Linda Cunningham
Welcome Back!

Early One Morning…

On a recent Thursday morning at FI, I was readying myself to teach on the main aerobic floor. As I prepared my microphone and music, gathered my weights and various items needed for class, I glanced up and couldn’t help but smile as I took in all of the surrounding activity: The laughing, the chit-chatting, the happiness of just being together. There was the all the typical activity that over a year ago was just part of our normal pre-class routine: gathering weights, rings, balls, body bars, etc. But amidst all of the routine things we do to get ready for class, there’s something new and wonderful – welcoming back members who have just returned to us, their fitness family. In the short time of class preparation, so much positive interaction occurs as members reconnect with each other. It’s heartwarming!

Hey, It’s Lillian!

Now that I am ready to begin class and settle everyone down, my eyes lock on a long-term member making her way into the class, Lillian Nici. Lillian, who I know has just returned, was preparing for her first official group class. If you have ever spoken with Lillian, you will find that she is very funny and always up for a good time. She takes her workouts seriously but likes to have fun with them. She has always held a positive presence in my classes and is quick to encourage others. I knew at that moment I needed to bring attention to her return!

♫ Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back ♫

Quick on my feet, as I tend to be (pun totally intended), I cue up John Sebastian’s hit theme song from the popular 70’s sitcom, “Welcome Back Kotter.” My immediate thought was that Lillian would get a kick out of it as she walked onto the floor for her first class. Well, playing that song took on a life of its own! As it begins to play these words, “welcome back to the same old place that you laughed about,” everyone stops, listens, and realizes what is happening as Lillian makes her grand entrance back onto the aerobic floor, moving and grooving and turning and swaying. EVERYONE in that class is now on their feet, hands are in the air, hips are moving, and they are singing along to these lyrics that have taken on an entirely different meaning decades after it was released! And this, by the way, is NOT for a Dance Blast class intro; this is the start of a Core Balance class, but the energy was high, and the bodies were moving.

This is OUR FI fitness family, welcoming a family member back to their home away from home, and we all could not have been happier to see her.

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About The Author

Linda Cunningham

Linda Cunningham

Linda Cunningham is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, AFAA Group Instructor, AAAI/ISMA Pilates Instructor, AAAI/ISMA Kids Fitness Instructor, and also certified in Zumba.

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