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The beauty of Pop-Up classes is that they provide you with the opportunity to try something new without needing to have a long-term commitment.
  • Laurie Gilfedder

Pop In on a Pop-Up

A Pop-Up Class is defined as a short workshop that provides students with the opportunity to engage in a hands-on activity focused on a particular fitness subject.  The beauty of Pop-Up classes is that they provide you with the opportunity to try something new without needing to have a long-term commitment.  It gives you the chance to experience a variety of fitness protocols and perhaps helps you to identify the types of activities you would like to be more involved in.  It’s easy to join, and you can jump into one without having any prior experience.  These classes are super challenging, high-energy, and fat-burning.  They are a great way for you to learn quickly and practice.  This time of year, we’re usually conducting them outside,  so it’s even more fun getting to work out in the fresh air!  You will workout while being motivated and being monitored by the Trainer.  These classes also provide an opportunity to get to know a variety of trainers and their training style.  Good information to have if you decide to focus more intensely on training in the future.  You also meet new gym friends who may actually become future training buddies.  And you get all of this for a minimal investment!  Current Pop-Up Classes are $25 for members.  You can even invite a friend who is not a member to participate with you.  Non-member cost is $30. Not only is it a fun workout, but it’s also a bargain!


Fitness Incentive has a seasoned, expert personal training staff, and they have expertise in a variety of subjects. This allows us to provide great programming for Pop-Ups. Recent Pop Up classes have included Glute Lab, Train like a Girl, Hitt it Hard, Street Beats Master Class, Z-Beats, Chakra 101 and various Yoga workshops, Meditation and Mindfulness and so many more.  We are always in the process of developing brand new Pop-Up Classes, so if you have anything new that you would like to see on our schedule, please drop us a line.

Limited Enrollment programs are one step up from Pop-Up Classes.  They are still a short-term commitment, simply a matter of weeks or at most a month.  These programs currently include choices such as Fitness Boxing, Power X, ViPR training, TRX, Jump n’ Drill, and Body Inferno.  Once again, there’s no long-term commitment required, and the programs are a very cost-effective way to group train.

Small Investment, Big Rewards

Pop-Ups and Limited Enrollment programs require a very small investment, but let you participate in unique, challenging workshops with outstanding trainers.  They’ll push you beyond your normal routine, and provide results that are often amazing.  And although the upfront commitment is brief,  you may find that your personal commitment is anything but. In fact, many participants find that they love this type of training and have continued to participate in programs for months, even years!

As the saying goes….if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.  Start changing today!

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