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Probiotics Do A Far Better Job

Fitness Incentive has long been a proponent of rigorous, continuous cleaning with green cleaning products. These products are great: environmentally friendly, chemical free, safe to be around, and as effective as nastier chemical cleansers. But the next generation of products—probiotic cleaners—takes safe, green, and clean a step further. They do a far better job at eliminating harmful bacteria and biofilm – eliminating virtually 100% of harmful bacteria. And they’re here, and in use, at Fitness Incentive!

Cleaning Products That Are Actually Good For You!

That’s because these probiotic cleaning products increase the presence of healthy bacteria in the environment while lasting for days and keeping the bad bacteria at bay. We’re using it exclusively to clean all of our carpets, surfaces and equipment, and the entire interior of Fitness Incentive. What’s more, through the use of a fogging gun that sprays a fine mist that penetrates deep into the nooks and crannies of equipment and fixtures, we are able to get to places that no other cleaner could reach. The result? F.I. will be cleaner, healthier and better smelling than ever!

It Never Gets Old At Fitness Incentive!

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