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Our studio is exclusive, by appointment only, offering private, partner, and small group sessions. Four Allegro reformers with towers offer a small, intimate setting, ensuring a personalized session even in a small group.
  • Dina Voigt
The Pilates Reformer Studio


noun: Pilates

A system of exercises using special apparatus designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture and enhance mental awareness.

“this quest for better training has led many dancers to Pilates.”

Fitness Incentive is proud to have the best “boutique-style” Pilates reformer studios around. Our studio is exclusive, by appointment only, offering private, partner, and small group sessions. Four Allegro reformers with tower offers a small, intimate setting, ensuring a personalized session even in a small group. The Tower of Power attachment allows you to perform 95% of exercises that can be done on a Cadillac apparatus and limitless combination movements with the reformer.  

Our team of qualified Pilates trainers will ensure the most effective workout for your individual needs.  

Meet our Pilates Reformer studio team: 

Jen DeVane Mulherne

Jen has been teaching Pilates for over 10 years and movement for over 20. She fell in love with Pilates in the early 2000s with her first Pilates class with Mari Winsor at a dance teacher convention in Manhattan. Fast forward to today, we find Jen teaching Mat and Reformer Pilates and working with clients from beginners to professional dancers, ranging in age from young teens to nonagenarians. She has worked with clients living with conditions/injuries such as pelvic floor dysfunction, osteoporosis, MS, and strokes and often works in conjunction with physical therapists and their patients. Jen loves the diversity and flexibility of the Pilates Method, as it can be tailored to suit the wants and needs of just about anyone. Jen is currently offering private, partner, and small group reformer and tower pilates. 

Please email her at:

Sabrina Morici

Sabrina found her way to Pilates through her Yoga practice. Sabrina began her Yoga practice in 2019. Her practice began as a sequence of stretches and breathwork to calm her racing mind before bed and quickly began to grow. Sabrina says her mind became clearer and her body less weighed down by tightness and pain. Yoga and Meditation became an almost daily ritual. As she learned more, Sabrina’s practice grew stronger, and so did her love for learning and sharing the wisdom she had acquired.    

After graduating from college in 2020, Sabrina knew she wanted to share yoga’s physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. After completing her training, she was looking for spaces to teach and was drawn to Fitness Incentive, and she feels “so lucky to have been .” Sabrina says, “I have been able to meet so many more amazing students, and it was here I was really introduced to Pilates .”Sabrina continues, “At Fitness Incentive, I began training under Dina, who took me under her wing to guide me.  

With the knowledge of Pilates, I have improved my personal fitness practice and have been inspired to teach it as well. 

Yoga and Pilates share the wisdom of mindfulness, each in their own unique way. This provides relief from stress and anxiety and the cultivation of peace in each present moment. These two practices also combine strengthening and lengthening postures to allow the body to be strong, properly aligned, and free of uncomfortable tension. I am so proud of the physical, mental, and spiritual growth I have seen in myself and my students since beginning these practices, and look forward to inspiring such growth in others.” 

Sabrina is now doing private, partner, and small group Pilates reformer sessions as well as yoga! Email her today for more information:

Courtney Musumeci

Like Sabrina, Courtney found her way to Pilates through Yoga. Courtney started practicing yoga about four years ago to help with the physical symptoms of Lyme Disease. The first class Courtney ever took was a Bikram Hot Yoga class, and she continued exploring various yoga styles. Courtney became yoga certified in 2020.  

When I asked Courtney how she found her way to Fitness Incentive, she said: 

“When I had to change gyms back in December, my first option was FI, and I felt right at home. A close friend of mine also was a member and encouraged me to do a trial. The atmosphere and community here are welcoming and kind”. 

Fitness Incentive is where Courtney discovered her love for Pilates; she goes on to say: 

“Pilates was another practice I fell in love with, and it helped me get through a challenging time. I was lucky enough to have Dina for my first 3 Pilates classes. Since then, Dina has been a phenomenal mentor educating me in the practice and guiding me through the certification process. Pilates helped correct a neck injury I had for many years, along with many other benefits, which is why I chose to continue training to become an instructor and help others with chronic pain”. 

When I asked Courtney: “what is your favorite thing about Pilates and Yoga” this was her reply:  

“My favorite thing about yoga is that whatever practice I need is always there. We all show up differently each day; sometimes we need to flow through a Vinyasa and other days find stillness in a Yin class. My favorite thing about Pilates is the alignment and the amazing benefits of the practice.”

Courtney is currently offering private, partner, and small group yoga and will soon be offering reformer training!

Email her at: 

Personally, I feel so lucky to have met all three of these women and welcome them to our team of amazing trainers and instructors! The diversity of their teaching styles and expertise ensures an effective, individualized training experience for their students.   

Both Sabrina and Courtney are currently teaching Mat Pilates and Yoga classes at Fitness Incentive. Check the app for their class schedules, and be sure to pop in and say “hello!” 

 Please feel free to email any and all of these ladies or me ( with any questions you may have and schedule your complimentary intro session today!    

Keep calm and do Pilates!   

About the Author

Yoga Sensation

Dina Voigt

Dina Voigt is the Manager of Fitness Incentives Pilates and Yoga programs.  She is a PMA-certified Pilates trainer, a certified Yoga instructor, a Personal Trainer, Group exercise instructor, and Cycle instructor.

Contact her at with any questions or for further information.

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