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I remember at the end of our consultation he asked me to give him 110% because that’s what he was going to give me. It was a commitment we both made to each other, and over 80 pounds later, that level of dedication remains.

Christine King

Christine, Before TJ and Now

Last year, Christine King and I had our initial consultation during which I informed her to get ready to experience the best transformation of the year. After talking with her, I truly believed she could do it because I could tell that she wanted to be coached and held accountable. What I provided her with was not a diet but rather the nutritional tools, including an understanding of macronutrients, while we worked on the basic foundational strength training movements.

Christine trusted in the process,  was coachable, and continues to get results and improve her life and every aspect of her health. I also have to mention her fat loss while building beautiful muscle.  And how very strong she has become! She actually broke the female record for a having a super strong grip, no straps needed with this amazing woman.

Another important aspect of her journey are the friends and people in her life who she has influenced, many of whom she has referred to FI and my training services (thank you!).

Christine’s Story

It’s been a little over a year since I filled out my personal trainer request form and got my phone call from TJ Lynch. I remember at the end of our consultation he asked me to give him 110% because that’s what he was going to give me. It was a commitment we both made to each other, and over 80 pounds later, that level of dedication remains. TJ holds me accountable for my actions and choices. He has helped me stay on track during times when I wanted to slack off and celebrates my accomplishments with me. He has turned what was previously a chore, into something that is fun and that I look forward to.

Before working with a personal trainer, I was more comfortable doing cardio and would never have attempted weight training on my own. TJ has taught me so much about fitness and the fundamentals of weightlifting that my comfort level has completely shifted. I now feel like I can confidently walk into any gym and use any piece of equipment the proper way or create workouts on my own when on vacations.

As a cardiology physician’s assistant, I often have to discuss the importance of diet and exercise with my patients, and before this experience that felt quite hypocritical at times. Over the course of the past year, on countless occasions, friends, coworkers, and patients have asked me for advice, and I now feel confident in my response. It has been so rewarding to hear how I have inspired others to make an investment in their health and start a diet and exercise program.

Over the summer I completed a Tough Mudder, which is an accomplishment I would never have imagined for myself. Through most of the race, I was at the front of my group, keeping up with my male coworkers whose body fat percentage is nearly nonexistent. It has been such a pleasure seeing my body change over time and watching muscle develop in places I would have sworn there was none. I am now sharing clothes with friends who I always perceived to be so much fitter than me. Going shopping, which was previously stressful at times, has become a fun experience… maybe too much fun! I have made some amazing progress, but I still have plenty of goals to accomplish, and I know that with TJ’s guidance it’s only a matter of time before I get there.


I truly love teaching others and sharing the knowledge I have acquired from hands-on experience, including my fair share of mistakes. Over the past 15 years training full-time for my livelihood, I have developed an effective mindful training structure that is teachable, prevents injury, and will absolutely produce results. If you would like more information, please contact me at (631) 835-9955 to set up a consultation.

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TJ Lynch

TJ Lynch

T.J. Lynch is an ACSM and IFA-certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor who has been leading people on the path to reaching their goals for more than ten years now.

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