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Fit to Print   .  Summer 2023   .   Volume 32 Number 2

Ready or Not…Summer!

Summer snuck up on us like it typically does on Long Island; You think you have plenty of time to prepare for it, but then suddenly, it pounces upon you like a wild cat. And ready or not, here we go. 

They’re Ready, For Sure

One group that was definitely ready for summer was the Beach Body Challengers, the 60 or so individuals that partnered up for ten weeks to get themselves in super-summer shape. Boy, they did themselves proud! 

Getting to Beach Body

The ultimate goal of the contest, as always, was to gain lean body mass and lose fat; Well, mission accomplished, as the before and after pictures attest. 

If you’re unfamiliar with how we score the challenge, here is a quick overview: at the beginning of the contest, each person is assessed on the InBody body composition analyzer. If you have never been measured on the InBody, you should try it. The test takes less than 2 minutes, but you learn things about yourself you never knew. The InBody uses bioelectrical impedance analysis. To precisely measure body composition, it sends multiple electrical currents through the body, resulting in up to six different impedance readings for the trunk and each of the four limbs. It can measure body fat and lean mass and give these individuals a base reading and goal to work towards. They’re measured again at the end of the contest, and the most improved individuals and teams win. Simple!

The winners deserve all the accolades, but honestly, everyone that participated, members and trainers alike, all deserve a healthy huzzah for a job well done. The results were outstanding, and I’d like to share them with you one more time. You can see the full results here and watch the award ceremony here


First: 53.34 Points 
Gena Maurrasse, Lisa Calderaro
Trainer: Theresa Christensen
(see article)

Second: 51.08 Points
Kellie Alberry, Jill Dudley
Trainer: Theresa Christensen

Third: 47.22 Points
Melanie Russo, Kelly Pape
Trainer: Liz Keller

Honorable Mentions:

Fourth: 44.13 Points
Kayla Reese, Kristen Napolitano
Trainer: Jackie Niciforo

Fifth: 42.37 points
Erin Campbell, Tara Campbell
Trainer: Dan Zona

Sixth: 42.36 points
Jerry Campbell, Maureen Koehler
Trainer: Sean Horan


1. Kelly Pape (45.67) – Trainer: Liz Keller (see article)
2. Maureen Koehler (34.12) – Trainer: Sean Horan $100 Gym GC
3. Josephine Roche (33.47) – Trainer: Sean Horan $ 50 Gym GC
4. Jill Dudley – (32.43) Trainer: Theresa Christensen $25 Gym GC

Notable Achievements

Most Lean Mass Gained (6.6 lbs): Kelly Pape – Trainer: Liz Keller
Most Body Fat Lost: Kerry Winberry (22 Lbs) – Trainer: Theresa Christensen

Congratulations to all! 

Stay tuned for a new Post-Summer Recovery version coming in September. 


Looking To PT? We’ve Got New Flavors for You!

PT – Personal Training – has never been more popular than it is now, and we’ve never offered more ways to do it.

Last year, we introduced FI Coach on the FI+ App, a suite of virtual on-app training programs designed by FI’s top personal trainers, including full workouts, videos, and in-person support.

Next, we made Pilates Reformer Group training directly bookable on the FI+ App. Easy-peasy.

Now, we’re adding two new options:
LV+, designed for the 40+ crowd looking to extend their healthspan, and PTX, flexible small group (6 max) training that’s bookable on the FI+ App – no packages necessary.


…is the brainchild of Giuseppe Ciccolella, an NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, to assist the 40+ population in living longer, healthier lives. You can learn more about it in this issue and on our website

We developed PTX

…to provide an open-ended, schedule-flexible PT program that was affordable, easy to book, and ass-kicking. We believe we have succeeded on all three counts. Try it for yourself and see. Consult the class schedule on the FI+ App for days and times, and you can book a session right then and there. Spontaneous combustion!

summer 2023 newsletter coverV3

On the Cover

Incentives Organic Spa & Salon has a tendency to be overlooked. I’m not sure why; it’s right there when you walk into the gym, those big glass doors staring you right in the face. But for whatever reason, many members are surprised to learn there’s a full-service spa and salon right in the gym – and an organic one to boot! They’re even more surprised to discover how fantastic an experience it is. For those in the know, well, they rate it consistently a 5 out of 5-star experience. Don’t take my word for it – ask around. It’s an amazing little place where you can get a massage, a facial, laser treatments, a haircut, coloring, a blowout, a manicure, pedicure, permanent makeup…I can go on and on. There’s even chiropractic, acupuncture, trigger point, and Botox, all right here.

Now the secret is out. Read all about it, stop in for a visit, and spread the word – Incentives is a gem!

Speaking of the Spa

We recently expanded our facial services to include a revolutionary new system from Geneo, the Glo2 Facial. It’s an incredible machine that creates a gentle, non-invasive surface exfoliation while triggering the oxygenation process inside the skin. It’s been described as an almost zen-like experience. This month, we’re featuring a must-try Glo2 Back-Facial, which does for your back what Glo2 does for your face – leave it feeling and looking fantastic (Learn more here and here)

Secretly Chic 40% Off Summer Sale

Now through July 22nd, Secretly Chic, The Boutique at Fitness Incentive is running a too-good-to-be-missed sale – Buy One at Full Price, Get The Second at 40% Off. (The second must be of equal or lesser value). We have tons of fantastic summer fashions to choose from, as well as new Summer FI Logo Wear on the racks, but they won’t be there forever, so stop in soon!


Summer Class Schedule

Now that school is officially out, we’ll be introducing some minor changes to our summer class schedule, effective June 25th. Check the schedule on the FI+ App or our website


Our 39th Anniversary (1984 – 2023)

Fitness Incentive opened its doors way back when Ronald Reagan was still in his first term. Here we are, all these decades later, still plugging along, loving our jobs, and grateful for everyone that has made it possible. We’re planning a 12-month-long celebration of our 40th anniversary, starting in September. Keep your eyes peeled for some limited-edition anniversary collectibles, fun events, and more. And thank you one and all for taking this long strange trip with us. Here’s to the next 40!

Have a fun, fit, and fruitful summer!

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