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Queenax is the world’s most unique modular functional training system. It multiplies available training space within any room, turning it into a multi-purpose training space. The possibilities are endless. 

You Say You Want a Revolution…

by Paul Smith

Modular Functional Fitness with Queenax

Queenax Bridge

“Queenax?” you’re thinking, especially if you haven’t yet seen or been aware these past weeks of what has been going on in the “Boxing” Room. “What’s a Queenax? Sounds like an off-brand of facial tissue.”

Well, no. Queenax is actually the industry’s leading designer and manufacturer of custom, modular functional training systems. We think it is revolutionary, in that it is fully customizable, adaptable to any space and virtually any exercise format. It’s the grandest and most ambitious transformation the club has seen in quite some time.  Just our latest example of our well-worn motto: “It Never Gets Old At Fitness Incentive”,  as well as the perfect capstone to our “Summer of Better”—2015 edition.

Why Functional?

Functional fitness has been one of the hottest movements in fitness for the last ten years. Examples include FI’s own Power X-Fit, the new Fit Force program (coming very soon), as well as many other boot camp-style programs and classes such as Circuit Burn. And now, with the arrival of the Queenax, functional training can be taken to an entirely new level.

Functional fitness is exactly what the name implies: exercises that train your muscles to synergistically work together and prepare them for real-life activity by simulating common movements you might perform at home, at work, or in sports. That is what makes “functional” fitness functional – it improves your ability to function in the real world. Another way to think of it is that functional fitness tends to be non-linear. Functional exercises require you to move your body in 3D space in a natural way. This might sound easy, but like most real-life tasks, it can surprisingly challenging (wait until you try the monkey bars!). Compare this to a more traditional approach to strength training, for example, using a selectorized weight bicep curl, where your movements are controlled and linear – that is, in a line. Up and down. This is great for isolating and developing specific muscles, but less effective at building overall functional fitness.

Queenax Functional Fitness

The challenge at Fitness Incentive is to find and define a space that can be effectively used for functional training. That’s what makes the Queenax so exciting. The modular system Queenax has created and installed was designed specifically for Fitness Incentive according to our needs, space, and specifications. Its installation has completely transformed FI’s old Boxing Room to a functional training center. The unit supports multiple users (and uses) simultaneously while taking up virtually no floor space. It also provides space for equipment storage, allowing us to eliminate the closets and increase the usable space in the room.  So you wind up with more space and more options at the same time. In short, it’s a game changer.

To see the Queenax is to be blown away by the sheer volume of its variety and functionality. And there’s this as well: it doesn’t hurt that the Queenax possesses an undeniable sort of practical beauty. Versatility, efficiency, intelligence, and beauty-the Queenax delivers it all with a cool, refined, modern look.

Features of the Queenax

So, what does the Queenax do? What does it offer? How about nearly everything the devoted functional fitness fan could ask for. For starters there are two boxing heavy bags on slide rails, a dip station, a plyometrics station, twelve overhead attachment points (for things like TRXs), a decline board, a rebounder station, multiple chin bars, a 30-foot run (!) of overhead monkey bars, plus multiple attachment points and options for bands, balls and more. (whew!) Then there’s the built-in storage for equipment, which will save space and keep everything neat, easy to locate and near to hand. Another key feature of the Queenax is its modularity, allowing it to be reconfigured and expanded in to meet the evolving requirements of its users. While many of the Queenax’s features will no doubt be recognizable and familiar (I think most of us know what monkey bars are and how to use them), still, there may be questions. Our staff of trainers will be hosting Queenax orientation sessions in the coming weeks. And we’ll be evolving new programs that will utilize the Queenax to its full potential. It’s gonna be fun!

Functional Training

Speaking of Personal Training…

Naturally here at Fitness Incentive we have many members who like to “fly solo”…that is to pursue their fitness goals according to their own methods. If that sounds like you, you’ll find the Queenax provides you with more exercise options than you’ve ever imagined. But doing functional fitness “right” can be a challenge and the difference between getting amazing results and getting hurt. That makes working with a personal trainer a very good idea if you want o fully exploit all it has to offer. Whether it’s one-on-one, in a small group or a program designed around the Queenax, working with a trainer is a great way to experience the unit and to learn how to use it to maximum advantage. And there’s this: the Queenax will almost certainly inspire our trainers to develop exciting new programs that take advantage of its almost limitless training options. That’s always a by-product of the arrival of the cool and the new: it gets the creative juices flowing. Look for the next wave—or “waves” is probably more accurate—of programs to evolve from the Queenax. It literally never gets old!

The Summer Of Better

The Queenax ends our ‘Summer of Better’ with the equivalent of a slam-dunk. The “where are my socks? Oh, they’ve been blown off” moment. The Oscar winner. Though I in no way wish to take anything from the earlier arrivals. The Cybex Bravo richly deserved its own “standing O,” the rowers (a particular favorite) are absolutely top-shelf, and the Matrix bikes are perhaps the best piece of cardio equipment that the gym has ever housed…a status that was at least for me apparent the moment I first laid eyes upon them. But there’s no denying that the Queenax is this Summer of Better’s crown jewel. A crown that is—dare I say it?—fit for a queen.

About the Author…

Paul Smith

Paul Smith is the Director of Marketing at Fitness Incentive. He is a frequent contributor to our newsletter, Fit to Print.

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