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Fit to Print  .  Summer 2024  .  Volume 33 Number 2

It Never Gets Old.

The Gym Floor is a-Changin’

We have a saying at FI that we take seriously: “It Never Gets Old at Fitness Incentive.” We truly take it to heart, staying current with the many changes and advancements in the fitness industry, launching new programs, improving existing ones, and doing everything in our power to deliver an exceptional member experience. To say that we’ve had a busy spring would be to put it mildly. We’ve been focused on running the highly successful annual fitness challenge, upgrading the Studio Reformer space and program, and redoing about 50% of the gym floor. You know, nothing ambitious – just a little seasonal to-do list. Well, as spring turns to summer, our plans have come to fruition. Here’s what’s new:

Studio Reformer Gets Reinvented

The growth of Pilates Reformer has been something to watch! It’s never been more in demand. And even though we’ve been offering Reformer classes and training for more than 15 years, we saw that it was time to raise the bar. First, we engaged in a full studio makeover. The room was completely rethought and upgraded, and it’s beautiful, if we do say so ourselves. (Take a look above and see for yourself)

Studio Reformer – There’s a Membership for That!

Next, in response to popular demand, we introduced a Studio Reformer membership option. This is the first time we’ve ever offered a reformer-focused membership, and we’re very excited to have yet another way for you to enjoy FI. The membership includes 6 Reformer sessions per month, plus access to the entire Mind+Body class schedule and the full gym floor, for only $299 per month. Combined with our outstanding instructors (see article), it’s the best bargain you’ll find for a Reformer Studio membership.

Keep It Going and Growing

To ensure the highest quality Reformer instruction, we’ve engaged with long-time FI Mind+Body guru Dina Voigt’s Balanced by Dina instructor training and certification program. Dina is a shining star in the Pilates firmament, and her training school is a wonderful on-ramp for many of our best instructors. Our association with Balanced by Dina will help create a pipeline of not just Pilates Reformer instructors but Mind+Body instructors of all types, which is critical for building the program at FI. We couldn’t be happier than to be doing it with Dina (see her article).

Prepare to Be (Gym) Floored

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve been moving your equipment around—quite a bit, actually. We know it can disrupt your workout routine, and we apologize, but great changes are afoot! This summer, and hopefully by the end of June, we’ll have completed the most extensive renovation to the gym floor since, well, forever. By the way, we opened at our current location in 2001, so that’s 23 years for those keeping score at home.

I won’t go into it too deeply here, but suffice it to say it will be exciting and transformative. You can learn more here, in the article in this issue.

The Most Dynamic Duo of All!

Another spring, another amazing fitness challenge! For the 14th time in 15 years, the annual spring challenge took place, and across the board, the results were among the best ever. But the winning duo of Colleen Walsh and Anthony Spadolini went where no winners have ever gone before, scoring an other-worldly 92.36 points, 20 more than their nearest challengers. To put this in some context, prior winning duos have typically scored in the 50’s. This year, the top four teams ALL scored over 50 points. Incredible! What a contest! Congratulations to all who participated. (You can read more about the winning team here, and see the full results here).

Beach Yoga Sound Bath Summer Series


We’re very excited about this special Summer Series with Diana Teichert. The Sound Bath Yoga classes take place at Robert Moses State Park, just east of Field 5. The cost is $40 per session—non-members are welcome! Check email announcements for dates and times. It’s an incredible experience!

New Faces!

Welcome our newest Massage Therapist, Gene McKevie. Hailing from Washington, D.C., Gene is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Holistic Lymphatic Therapist, and Yoga Teacher of Sampoorna (Hatha) and Vinyasa styles. He graduated from The National Massage Therapy Institute, has been licensed since 2006, and is passionate about health and wellness. He is skilled in many modalities such as Cupping, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Prenatal, Sports, Swedish, and Traditional Thai Massage. His favorite one to practice is Manual Lymphatic Drainage because of its light-to-the-touch but powerful effects on the body’s immune system. Available by appointment at Incentive Organic Spa & Salon.

Welcome our newest instructor, Danielle Hinter, a classically trained dancer who fell in love with group fitness. She is a mom to three kids and found Zumba 10 years ago. Her group fitness journey has taken her in many directions and led her to ballroom dancing. She is a nationally ranked rising star champion professional ballroom dancer. Teaching is her passion, and bringing sweat and smiles to all in her class is her goal every single day. She’ll be teaching Zumba (Tuesdays at 6 pm) and other Dance-based Classes at FI – check the class schedule for days and times!

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