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From the moment you sit down your hairstylist is making decisions about how to cut and color your mane. With a visual of what you are trying to accomplish your stylist has a much better chance of getting you there.

Lauren McGovern

We hear it time and time again; clients unhappy with their hair transformation. Or maybe it’s their monthly visit to the salon that’s leaving them uninspired and bored – looking and feeling the same. Sound familiar?  You’re not alone. Many of us struggle to get just the results we are looking for at the salon.  The solution?  Just follow our 5 Do’s and DON’Ts and obtain YOUR best look ever!  

 1. DON’T lie about your hair history

Maybe you are scared by your highlight that went wrong. Or possibly you tried out a new colorist and now feel guilty. Maybe you used a drugstore box dye.  Regardless, it’s crucial to come clean because your hair health and history can affect which formula your colorist chooses going forward. “Is there color in your hair- has it been chemically straightened?” Give your most honest answer. This could be the difference between gorgeous hair or hair of straw. 

 2. DO bring pictures

There are only so many words to describe your favorite celebs new look. Having a photo provides a blueprint of what you are looking to achieve and can bring to life what you are describing with words. From the moment you sit down your hairstylist is making decisions about how to cut and color your mane. With a visual of what you are trying to accomplish your stylist has a much better chance of getting you there.   

3. DON’T set unrealistic expectations

Your stylist is a beautician, not a magician.  Choose a style that is realistic for her to reproduce but more importantly for you to maintain. Consider your profession, your lifestyle and your commitment level to maintaining your new style. Ask your stylist explain the tools and product to recreate your new look.   

 4. DON’T show up with a ton of product in your hair 

 For your stylist to get a realistic sense of your hair texture, color and condition it’s best to come clean!  Just wash your hair thoroughly the night before or morning of and leave it at that.  Showing up with tons of product in your hair will make it challenging for your stylist to properly assess your hair and product buildup can coat the hair, possibly causing lack of absorption in the color or lightener. So suds up before you show up! 

5. DO spend some time figuring out what would look best on YOU (not Jennifer Aniston)

Get to know your skin tone and face shape.  Start by holding up a white sheet of paper against your face; if you see pink, reds and rose gold tones in your face, you look best in cool tones (beige, ash, etc). Yellow and gold hues are saying you look best with warm tones (golden blonde, reds, etc.).  Your colorist will work with you to determine what colors are going to enhance your skin tone naturally.  Ensuring your most flattering haircut also starts with understanding the shape of your face.  Is your face round, square, heart, diamond or oval?   Your cut MUST take this into consideration for the most flattering result.  

The staff at Incentives Salon are happy to consult with you anytime regarding your cut or color.  Stop by, call or click here to book your free consultation and let us help you achieve YOUR best look!

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About the Author

Lauren McGovern

Lauren McGovern has been immersed in the beauty and wellness industry since she was a young girl. After obtaining her license she began as an Apprentice at Harvey Allen Salons. Lauren has studied under celebrity stylist Nick Arrojo and worked at Soto salon as Senior Stylist for five years. Prior to joining the staff of Incentive Organic Salon Lauren worked at Mure Salon on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. She is now back on Long Island and excited to be working for Incentives Organic Spa & Salon!

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