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“After 33 years in practice, I have used every topical cream including other CBD ointments. None have come close to having the benefits that this one has. My patients love it and find lasting relief!”
  • Dr. Donna Brown

Meet Jax

Jacqueline Jacinth

I want to introduce you to my eldest daughter, Jacqueline. She is mom to one of my favorite human beings, McKenna. Jax has a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Mathematics and Statistics from Stonybrook University. She has dappled in many ventures since her graduation, and I’m proud to say, she’s really finding her direction.

So It Begins…

Following an appointment with Dr. Donna Brown (of Incentives Organic Spa & Salon) to treat her chronic back pain, Jax was introduced to a cream that contained CBD-rich hemp oil. While the product helped, it proved to be merely adequate. She decided she could make it better. She learned about CBD-rich hemp oil, how to incorporate it into a desirable cream and began manufacturing and distribution. With Dr. Brown’s encouragement and advisement, “Myosoothe, an Extra Strength Pain Relief Rub,” containing CBD-rich hemp oil and all its benefits, was ready for the consumer. Dr. Brown was impressed by the product, saying that “after 33 years in practice, I have used every topical cream including other CBD ointments. None have come close to having the benefits that this one has. My patients love it and find lasting relief!”

Next Up…

With the cream selling well, Jax turned her efforts towards expanding her “Axil Wellness” line. The next product she developed was a CBD-rich hemp oil. The timing of the release of the new product happened to coincide with my commitment to “Dry January.” I was determined to find a product to help me relax, take the edge off and get a good night’s sleep. This was when I decided to start using the product. Well, I’m happy to report it really worked! I shared the success with clients who in turn gave it a try. One was Shari Smith, a longtime FI member, who says, “For those of you out there who suffer from menopause (you know who you are) and are having trouble sleeping, look no further. Axil Wellness’ CBD-rich hemp oil will help you sleep so much better and wake up refreshed. I’m so happy I started using it!”

The Miracle Non-Drug

Alice Canale, a long-time client, wrote, “I suffer from arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome in both my hands. The pain in my hands radiates up my arms at night and gets so bad that I wake up in pain not knowing how to alleviate it. I was desperate to find something other than drugs that harm my stomach and liver. With surgery not being an option for me, I tried the 1,500mg+ bottle of Axil Wellness CBD-rich hemp oil. I was skeptical at first, but I took one dose in the evening before bed, and miraculously the pain dissipated! By the second night, the pain was gone! I highly recommend this product to all those with nerve pain of any kind! I call it my “miracle non-drug”!”

Skin In The Game…

Recently, a friend suggested I try hemp oil on my skin. She read that a famous “esthetician to the stars” used it on her clients. So, my next move was being the guinea pig for my face and hands. Well, before too long my skin became more radiant, with diminished fine lines. Seriously, I couldn’t be happier with the results!

Multi-Use Miracle
Angie Bradley

Angie Bradley, an FI member, used it both ways as well. “As an older active person, I sometimes suffer from back pain. I have tried many pain relief products, but Axil Wellness’ MyoSoothe stands alone. I can depend on fast and complete relief. I highly recommend this product. I also have just started using the Axil Wellness CBD-rich hemp oil with great results. Another quality product!”

Don’t Forget Our Four-Legged Friends

The newest product to the line is a Companion CBD-rich hemp oil for pets. Dina Voight, director of FI’s Yoga and Pilates program recently posted:
“Hello everyone! Just wanted to share something fabulous! Created by a young, single mom, right here in Babylon….fellow vegan and animal lover, health and fitness enthusiast, Jacqueline Jacinth…..If you suffer from chronic discomfort or pain, you MUST try Axil Wellness Complete Cannabis Care products! Choose from or use together MyoSoothe Extra Strength Pain relief rub and CBD-rich Hemp oil dietary supplement…they really really work and smell good too…AND ….wait for it….there is even an oil for your companion animals!!! You won’t believe these products until you have tried them! I have referred them to many of my friends and clients, and all have achieved fabulous results!”

As you can imagine, I’m so proud of Jacqueline’s entrepreneurial spirit and can’t wait to see what is next. Please check out her website and Facebook page Axil Wellness. Thanks to Cor’s generosity and progressive thinking, Axil Wellness products are available for purchase in Incentives Organic Spa & Salon.

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Eileen Jacinth

Eileen Jacinth is an AAAI/ISMA-certified Personal Trainer, a Group Exercise Instructor, and a certified Spin Instructor at Fitness incentive.

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