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Summer 2017   Volume 26   Issue 2

Fit to Print Summer 2017


What’s Happening at FI

If It’s Summer We Must Be Upgrading!

Farm To Chair Hair

Oway (Organic Way), the world’s first Professional Organic Hair Color. Now at Incentives Salon.

What’s All The Buzz About?

Cosmetic Laser = Results = Happiness!

Fantastic Again

The Annual Contest is a Life Changer, as These Challengers Can Attest.

Solving the Puzzle

Putting the Diet and Fitness Pieces Together

Are You Having Fun?

No matter the goal, even if there is no specific goal, the fact remains, making things fun will make you want to do more of that thing.

Foods Fantastic Voyage

Gut health is so important and yet so frustrating, especially when everything is not moving properly.

Celebrate Yourself

Small Victories Lead to Big Changes


Six months ago, I was afraid to stand up or bend over without sending my heart into a frenzy.

Bug Off!

Essential Oils for Summer

Live Like Grok

So how do we become more like our primal ancestors? It is actually simple…

Above and Beyond

Pay No Attention to the Person Behind the Curtain…

Mind Your Monkey

A Dialogue Between Body and Mind…

Man of Steel

Those who are blessed with a struggle in life, are equally blessed with the gift to inspire.

The Road to Kona

Meet Bob McKeown, a qualifier for the upcoming Iron Man World Championship.

Defying Gravity

The TRX suspension trainer is an amazing tool that allows you to adapt the workout to any level.

The Joy of Bouncing

According to NASA’s research, rebounding “the most effective exercise yet devised by man.”

Closing Arguments

Positive Self-Talk Can Carry You Past Moments of Weakness.

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