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Studio Reformer At Fitness Incentive

The growth of Pilates Reformer has been something to watch! It’s never been more in demand. And even though we’ve been offering Reformer classes and training for more than 15 years, we saw that it was time to raise the bar. First, we engaged in a full studio makeover. The room was completely rethought and upgraded, and it’s beautiful, if we do say so ourselves.

Reformer-Focused Membership

Next, in response to popular demand, we introduced a Studio Reformer membership option. This is the first time we’ve ever offered a reformer-focused membership, and we’re very excited to have yet another way for you to enjoy FI. The membership includes 6 Reformer sessions per month, plus access to the entire Mind+Body class schedule and the full gym floor, for only $299 per month. Combined with our outstanding instructors (see article), it’s the best bargain you’ll find for a Reformer Studio membership.

Keep It Going And Growing

To ensure the highest quality Reformer instruction, we’ve engaged with long-time FI Mind+Body guru Dina Voigt’s Balanced by Dina instructor training and certification program. Dina is a shining star in the Pilates firmament, and her training school is a wonderful on-ramp for many of our best instructors. Our association with Balanced by Dina will help create a pipeline of not just Pilates Reformer instructors but Mind+Body instructors of all types, which is critical for building the program at FI. We couldn’t be happier than to be doing it with Dina (see her article).

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