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Welcome To The Salty Rebellion


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The LMNT mission is to restore health through hydration. When it comes to their formulation, they let the science decide — and the science has provided
you with a truly meaningful dose of electrolytes in a science-backed ratio.

More Salt, Not Less

Electrolytes, particularly sodium and potassium, are the driving force behind energy production in our cells, nerves, and muscles. But many of us have yet to unlock their full benefits.
A growing body of research reveals that optimal health outcomes occur at sodium levels 2-3 times government recommendations. That’s why we say more salt, not less.
Optimal hydration doesn’t just mean more fluids, it means getting the right electrolyte balance. When you dilute that balance, fatigue follows. But you can feel the difference when you get the balance right. Soon fitness, sleep, and brain functioning can reach new levels. LMNT can be the critical missing link for you too!

Find Your Flavor:
Citrus salt
Raspberry salt
Mango chili salt
Watermelon salt

More to come!

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