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Taking Care of the Little Things…


Rust Never Sleeps…

And neither do we. You may have recently noticed some small but nonetheless significant improvements and updates to your favorite gym. 

WiFi Caught Speeding

One thing we’ve learned through the years is that WiFi wireless routers have a half-life of about 18 months. Fed up, as I’m sure many of you were, with unreliable WiFi coverage, we’ve seriously upgraded our WiFi hardware in the gym. That means a new state-of-the-art high-speed, long-range router plus new, powerful, range extenders. The result is faster, more reliable coverage throughout in gym with fewer (or no) ‘dead spots.’ Forget the old network connections your phone may have stored and connect to WIFI FI-GUEST and FI-GUEST-5G-1 and check it out if you haven’t already done so.

Time For a Rug Pull

This actually is a pretty significant upgrade – by the time you read this, there’ll be a brand new carpet installed in the Aerobic room. These, too, have a short life, and this one served us well, but all things must eventually pass.

Generally Sprucing Things Up

Another subtle but noticeable change is a general freshening of the interior space – some new colors on the walls, diamond plate wraps for the weight room columns, and more.

More is Coming

We have a few more pleasant surprises coming later this month, just to keep things interesting and to extend and expand our health and fitness services. Keep an eye out for announcements. Like we always say, “It never gets old at Fitness Incentive.”

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