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PT+ Is Coming 11/1/22

Fitness Incentive is excited to announce PT+: An upgrade to our Personal Training programs that will enrich your personal training experience, simplify the structure of training packages, and introduce new, affordable virtual and hybrid training options.

PT+ includes In-Person Sessions, plus integration with the FI Coaching features of the FI+ app, including:

  • > In-app meal tracking
  • > Dietary macros
  • > Sample meal plan
  • > Monthly training calendar including on-your-own workouts to supplement in-person work
  • > Synching with your fitness devices and wearables
  • > In-Body body composition scans
  • > On-app communication with your trainer

We also offer affordable hybrid and virtual training options: FI Coach Custom, which is developed by your trainer specifically for you, and FI Coach Virtual, which is a fully virtual in-app workout pre-designed by our trainers. No matter your situation or goals, there’s a training option to fit your needs and budget.

PT+ is effective 11/1/2022.

Of course, we will still honor all existing active sessions. Please speak with your Trainer if you have any questions.

Each package is a 3-month commitment for the number of sessions in the package.

FI Coach programs are delivered through the FI+ App.

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