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While other types of training may occasionally or incidentally engage the glutes, the Glute Lab focuses on them like a laser!
  • Laurie Gilfedder
Let’s start off by clarifying a popular misconception – The Glute Lab is not a result of the popularity of Kim Kardashian’s audacious curves!

FI’s Glute Lab and Glute-focused Training were the direct results of one of FI’s personal trainers, Kellie Meigel, being diagnosed with Piriformis syndrome. Piriformis syndrome is a disorder in which the piriformis muscle in the buttocks irritates the sciatic nerve. Symptoms include pain, tingling, or numbness in the buttocks and down the leg, which may worsen after sitting for a long time, climbing stairs, walking, or running. After many months of rehabilitation therapy and losing muscle mass, Kellie began to research her diagnosis and the best method to return her glutes to their former strength.

Research and Results

Kellie’s research introduced her to Bret Contreras in California. She spent two years attending his various seminars and began to train herself as per his protocol. As a result of this training, her glutes got better and stronger and her back and knee issues resolved. Her own definitive results convinced Kellie that some of her clients as well as others at FI could benefit from this training. That’s when Kellie, along with FI Trainers Eileen and Jill Jacinth, decided to introduce The Glute Lab to Fitness Incentive.

Glute Girls: Jillian, Kellie and Eileen
What’s In the Glute Lab?

The Glute Lab features the hip thruster, elevated sumo squats, curtsey bench lunges sumo deadlifts, Nordic hamstring curls and stiff leg deadlifts that specifically target your glutes. While other types of training may occasionally or incidentally engage the glutes, the Glute Lab focuses on them like a laser! Training like this teaches you to make a mind/muscle connection with your glutes that transfers into a fuller, more powerful and effective squat, lunge or other movements. It’s is beneficial to runners, cyclists and anyone suffering back, knee, hip, or posture issues.

Ending up with a nice butt, well, that’s just a bonus!

Here’s what clients have to say:

Tara Capalongo:

Pictured: Tara After and Before

I’ve been training for 11 years, but Kellie’s Glute Lab has given me the best longest lasting results. My problem areas have always been my legs and glue area. I was always self-conscious about these areas to the point where I actually considered surgery. Kellie begged me to give her glute techniques a try, and initially, I was hesitant and a non-believer. But I started to see results in a matter of weeks! I was shocked and quickly became addicted to Kellie’s unique work out regimens. I have surpassed weights that I didn’t think I was capable of lifting. I’ve become stronger, leaner and a believer! I can’t say enough positive things about Glute Lab and Kellie! I lost 30 pounds and went from a size 12 to a 4-6.

Barbara Christenson:
As a result of sciatica, I had tremendous weakness in my left glute and hamstring. Unknowingly, I was compensating using my hip which was aching from overuse and improper balance while sitting and standing from a seated position. Using band training, along with my trainers verbal cueing I was able to reconnect visually and physically with my weak side, isolating and targeting the weak glute. As training has progressed so has my left side strength and distribution of muscle, so I feel interconnected and balanced again. My hips don’t ache, raising and lowering from a seated position is much improved. Band training has the unique ability to target the specific area and strengthen it!

Evonne Colon:


The training has given me relief from incredibly tight and painful hip flexors that I suffered with for a long time. I would have to end sets and stop and stretch my hips out. Strengthening my glutes has saved me from spending most of my session just trying to loosen them up. I started to notice a difference a couple of months ago, and the improvement is huge. On a lighter note, I no longer have “pancake” shaped glutes!

Watch the Glute Lab Video:

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Laura Gilfedder

Custom paintings and drawings by Laura Gilfedder

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Laurie and her grandson Jack

Laurie Gilfedder

Laurie Gilfedder is the manager of FI’s Personal Training Department.

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