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“Their great flavors, high protein, low sugar, and super-collagen boost make them a nutritious and convenient option for anyone looking for healthy, nutritious (and delicious!) workout support.”

 – Kristen Napolitano

Looking for a Goodbar: Stars+Honey at the Skylite Cafe

You may have noticed the Skylite cafe has recently started selling a new protein bar. Finding a protein bar that tastes amazing and has clean ingredients can be challenging, but Stars + Honey checks off all the boxes: nutritious, delicious, high in protein, low in sugar, and totally lacking in artificial ingredients. Stars + Honey refers to their bars as “food for the future.” Stuffed with wholesome goodness, easy to digest, beautifully packaged, and, most importantly, scrumptious, we sure hope so!

Collagen – Yep, We Got That!

One of the main things that sets Stars+ Honey apart from your typical protein bar is its 10g of collagen peptides. You may have heard or read about the benefits of collagen, but what exactly is collagen, and why is it so important? Collagen is an abundant structural protein that plays a major role in the development, stability, repair, and rejuvenation of connective and organ tissue, bones, and skin. Due to its strength and abundance, collagen is also a key component of hair, nails, teeth, tendons, ligaments, muscles, and joints. As you age, your body produces less collagen, and the levels gradually decrease by about 1% every year. Supplementation at any age can be beneficial, as collagen supports healthy hair, skin, nails, joints, and muscle structures. Regular supplementation has also been found to combat age-related decline in collagen production. Stars + Honey bars make getting your daily collagen bump deliciously simple.

Although many of us love Stars+ Honey for the collagen benefits and delicious taste, some of the other compelling reasons why we’re crazy for these bars such as:

High Protein Content:
Stars + Honey provide substantial protein – typically 13 grams per bar – essential for muscle repair and growth. They are perfect before, during, and after strength training.

Convenient and Portable:
These bars are easy to carry, making them an excellent option for on-the-go nutrition. They can be consumed as a quick snack between meals or even as a meal replacement when your time is short. And they’re yummy without being bloating.

Energy Boost:
The combination of protein, carbohydrates, and fats in Stars + Honey protein bars provides a balanced energy boost, which can help maintain energy levels throughout the day or during intense physical activity.

In addition to protein, these bars contain other essential vitamins and minerals necessary for overall health and well-being.

Weight Management:
Protein helps with satiety, meaning it can make you feel fuller for longer. This can help manage hunger and reduce overall calorie intake, which is beneficial for weight management.

Post-Workout Recovery:
Consuming a protein bar after a workout can aid in muscle recovery and replenish glycogen stores, reducing muscle soreness and improving recovery times.

Variety of Flavors:
Stars + Honey protein bars come in 7 outrageously delicious flavors, catering to just about every taste preference and preventing the dreaded flavor fatigue.

Dietary Fiber:
They include dietary fiber, which aids digestive health and can help maintain a healthy gut.

Low in Unhealthy Additives:
High-quality protein bars like Stars + Honey have fewer unhealthy additives, such as excessive sugars (only 2G!), and no artificial ingredients.

Suitable for Various Diets:
Stars + Honey protein bars are designed to cater to various dietary needs. Whether you’re following a vegetarian, gluten-free, or low-carb diet, there’s a Stars + Honey protein bar for you. Everyone should be able to enjoy a delicious and nutritious snack!

As you can tell, we’re really excited about the new Stars + Honey protein bars! Their great flavors, high protein, low sugar, and super-collagen boost make them a nutritious and convenient option for anyone looking for healthy, nutritious (and delicious!) workout support. Why not try one today and experience the benefits for yourself?

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Kristen Napolitano

Among her many roles, Kristen Napolitano manages the Skylight Cafe at Fitness Incentive

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